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  1. Oh I see. It would probably be easy to just create another account for the docker like you propose. The game is often around 10$ or less during sales.
  2. Oh this is so cool! Can you make one for 7 days to die (7DTD)? I'm running a server in a VM right now. I would love to use a simple docker. Regards
  3. Hi, This docker is causing me problems with the size of the cookie. If I don't block the cookie from TVHeadEnd, I'm getting 400 "Bad Request" on sabnzbd and tautulli. I need to erase my cookies to enter the webgui of sab and tautulli. I think it's caused by the framework cherrypy. Anyone know how to fix it? I found this thread on the TVHeadEnd forum form 2015, I think this is exactly my problem : https://tvheadend.org/issues/2706 Regards, Ben