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  • No GUI if SMT is enable on a 7742 cpu + some DHCP issue at the same time if to many threads

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    Sorry slow to post this had issue merging my accoutn for the forum.


    Was trying to get a new systhem online and was having alot of issue with it.  On some boots could ping it when it got a address but gui was not reachable.  Settig the setup to a manual address could always ping it but nopt get to GUI.  Some setup would soemtimes not get a IP when in DHCP.  Tryed manaul install and also the new flash creator all would not work.  Tryed many diffrent network card intel, broadcom was thinking it was a driver thing.  Also swapped many USB drive.  But when shuting down the systhem i noticed a message saying ngix was not running.  And remembered it would list all the core in the dashboard.  So after some slep just desided to limit the chip to one core per CCD and deactivate SMT and that did the trick.  Then reactivated all the cores in the ccds but left smt off.  As soon as I put SMT back on i lose acces to the GUI.


    Attach are the two diagnotic log of the systhem with the issue while have SMT on and then ok with SMT off in bios.  This is probably a edge case du to so many thread on the systhem?



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    Looks like you've already found the other thread, this issue appears to affect users with 128 threads (or more), solution for now is to increase the /run size with your go file.

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