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  • SMB share using ZeroTier not working after 6.12.1 upgrade

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    I have an SMB share using unassigned devices that is no longer working after the 6.12 upgrade. I'm using ZeroTier to bridge two unRaid servers on different networks together and they both have SMB shares to each other's media folders. Machine A can reach machine B shares just fine but machine B cannot reach machine A shares. Curious if anyone else has experienced this. Syslog and entire diagnostics zip attached.

    syslog.txt diagnostics.zip

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    I changed the share on machine A from Secure to Private and now the share seems to be working. Maybe Secure shares break the SMB shares?

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    Share security operates on a different level and has no relation to connectivity.


    It is more likely your zerotier connection was not started properly, changing share security forces a service reload. Make sure you have followed the guidelines for setting up zeotier communication.


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    This problem is still occurring. ZeroTier configuration is working fine, as I am able to remotely administer unraid over ZeroTier.

    Here is the workflow:
    1. Add SMB share using unassigned devices
    2. Insert IP address of ZeroTier client

    3. Insert Share Credentials
    4. Hit Load Shares - Nothing Populates
    5. Manually Type in Share name and connect - can't mount 

    Issue is usually fixed temporarily after a reboot. Restarting ZeroTier container on both sides has no effect.

    Share from other machine coming into this one is working just fine.

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    Yes, both are running 6.12.2. Logs are unchanged. Don’t believe this is directly related to 6.12 upgrade, but not certain.


    It seems like smb share authentication is not working intermittently.

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