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  • unRAID 6.6.x SMB/NFS access issues

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    I have noticed if a share has SMB (Private) and NFS (public) (possibly other configs) being accessed around the same time the user/ folder permissions break (forcing a reboot to restore) this was happening to me on constantly on 6.6 RC 4 and up. I ultimately went back to 6.5.3 where this issue doesn't happen and tried again with mention of an NFS fix in 6.6.1

    the setup I had to cause this was two unraid systems know as Sif (unraid plus) and Thor unraid pro and the system this was happening on


    Sif runs a Fedora VM that acts as a reverse proxy for some dockers that download content to Thor's Media Share. the Fedora VM mounts the /mnt/user/Media/Downloads folder with NFS
    Sif also is using unassigned devices to mount /mnt/user/Media with SMB


    after about 2 hours (on average) Plex on Thor crashes and doing an ls -l under /mnt/ on Thor shows this


    drwxrwxrwx  2 nobody users  40 Sep 30 01:59 disks/

    d?????????  ? ?      ?       ?            ? user/

    drwxrwxrwx  1 nobody users 139 Sep 30 02:09 user0/


    I found its totally stable once the unassigned devices mount was unmounted and a NFS version was created and mounted.

    this issue did not ever happen on 6.4.x and upto 6.5.3

    I posted logs before that showed NFS errors galore in the 6.6 RC forums


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    2 minutes ago, limetech said:

    It's all the same bug man.

    yeah..just wondering if you got an update like working on it or still trying to find the root cause etc..

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    The issue is that FUSE crashes which causes 'shfs' to crash which causes 'nfsd' to crash.


    Here is the code in FUSE (fuse.c) where the crash is occurring:

    static struct node *get_node(struct fuse *f, fuse_ino_t nodeid)
            struct node *node = get_node_nocheck(f, nodeid);
            if (!node) {
                    fprintf(stderr, "fuse internal error: node %llu not found\n",
                            (unsigned long long) nodeid);
            return node;

    This function is being called with 'nodeid' 0, which is straight out of the NFS file handle.  That ‘abort()’ is what ultimately results in bringing down /mnt/user and along with it, nfsd.


    This is almost certainly due to a kernel change somewhere between 4.14.49 and 4.18.  Trying to isolate ...

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