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  1. removing `height: 6%` from the `gpu-image` css worked for me on chrome. I have one plex stream and one ethereum miner but they both show up as plex:
  2. the icon on my dashboard is weird too. also, i have more than plex running on my card, but that icon makes it appear as if they are all plex.
  3. what options controls these showing?
  4. ya let me open up a new pr.
  5. I would be interested in seeing CPU usage comparison between running a windows vm vs containerizing blue iris.
  6. ok, i tried to find some examples but i can't find checkboxes being used anywhere in my config pages. once i switched them to drop down lists they started working:
  7. I'm not sure, I just modified it to make it look like the other dashboard, not sure how the back side works. i realized it's missing a memory utilization bar. in the nvidia smi output i see two values. the utilization field for memory doesn't seem to reflect when plex is running transcodes. using the fb_memory_usage value works well though: edit: found it The utilization field for memory is: so for my purposes i'd just want to know how much memory is being used, just making the bar show the % used memory
  8. thanks for this plugin! I have an old quadro k620 in my box I decided to try this on. A $50 card from 2014 can handle at least 6 plex transcodes at the same time, using less than 10 watts lol!
  9. thanks for this plugin. very simple to install, followed instructions and had plex DVR enabled in 10 minutes.
  10. I know it's really stupid, but maybe this typo correction will help someone else. I copy/pasted the config volume instructions from the first post instructions and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't map the file into the container:
  11. ok i added the optional display preferences back in, on my machine whenever i try to save my preferences they go back to default, does that happen on yours?
  12. thanks! i couldn't find much information online about developing plugins so i was making wild stabs in the dark lol
  13. Ya I don't have that part wired up yet. I'm also curious why the plugin has to hit an endpoint every second to get information, while CPU usage in the unraid CPU sidebar doesn't make a http call to get information.
  14. If you want to give mine a try first uninstall the existing plugin then manually install my PR
  15. I did some more work to get it to look like the CPU sidebar that comes with unraid