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  1. Has anyone had issues with using both nvme slots for their cache? When I use either one separately the cache works but once I try to use both at once I get IO errors.
  2. So this might have something to do with the board and RAID1. On the suspect drive I formatted it as btrfs separately from the cache and used it as an unassigned device. I copied the entire appdata folder over to it for testing. It copied without any io errors. Since there were no issues here I put the drive back into the cache array. It formatted and set up the RAID1 without any errors. After a restart though, it started throwing IO errors again until I removed the 2nd drive.
  3. Definitely install the "CA Backup / Restore Appdata" plugin and backup your cache drive regularly! Saved me today.
  4. Ok I booted up with the `624` drive inserted by itself and immediately got an IO error and the drive being put into read only mode. I put `552` in by itself and it passes the scrub check with no errors. The btrfs command gives this though: root@Tower:~# btrfs dev stats /mnt/cache [/dev/nvme0n1p1].write_io_errs 6455 [/dev/nvme0n1p1].read_io_errs 5533 [/dev/nvme0n1p1].flush_io_errs 22 [/dev/nvme0n1p1].corruption_errs 0 [/dev/nvme0n1p1].generation_errs 0 It was like this right after boot up, and the value hasn't changed in 15 minutes. VMs and docker are running off of this drive, they all appear to be functioning. I looks like it is re-balancing now since the other drive was removed. Should I try and format the `624` drive and put it back into the array? Is anything like an "IO Error" indicative of a hardware error?
  5. Thanks @johnnie.black, i swapped the drives on the motherboard, it looks like the problem is with the nvme drive since I am now seeing errors about nvme1n1p1? tower-diagnostics-20200224-0816.zip
  6. After moving to my new server, Aorus x570 Pro with a 3900X, my cache is throwing lots of BTRFS errors. I reformatted the cache drive and restored by appdata but am still getting this issue. The cache drives are two nvme drives attached to the motherboard. I've tried reseating them. tower-diagnostics-20200224-0156.zip
  7. I just got the 3900x and x570 pro running, i'm only able to get one temperature reading to show up, any ideas?
  8. Have you tried running something beside unraid to see if the issue is your hardware? memtest etc?
  9. What issues do you have? I'm moving over to a x570 board with a 3900x tonight.
  10. How old are the drives? they could fail leaving your data vulnerable.
  11. Is there a way to "trick" a motherboard into booting without a discrete GPU installed when the CPU doesn't come with integrated graphics? I don't want to give up a x16 PCIE lane for a graphics card I'll never use other than to boot the system. I've got a 3900X and a Aorus X570 Pro Wifi. I can't find anything in the BIOS to support this.
  12. I have this issue as well. Luckily I have several NICs hooked up, so I log into the web interface through one of the other IPs, go to the network tab and tell the main NIC to go to static then back to DHCP where it grabs the correct ip address. It started happening for me on 6.8.1.