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  1. Thanks for the reply, I did remove the old world, but I just solved it by reinstalling the docker and changed the server name to the new world name from start, then placed the files in appdata. But i assume changing the name of the file would work too.
  2. Hey, has anyone figured out how to change the world in the Valheim server? I want to copy an existing map to the server. This is what i am doing: Stop the container Replace the files in \appdata\valheim\.config\unity3d\IronGate\Valheim\worlds Enter "-world *world name*" in GAME_PARAMS And change the World Name of the docker template Start the container The server starts as expected but sill on the old world
  3. The thing i like most about Unraid is the awesome community behind it, the fact i have gotten so much help setting everything up is amazing. One feature i would like to have is a seamless failover to another Unraid box. Not only for the NAS but also for docker and VMs.