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  1. This is just not working for me. Tried the blanking of the password line, used crushadmin/blank. No luck. Then after trying a few times the webservice just dies. Why is it so hard to find a SFTP server that works on UNRAID? There's not much choices out there.
  2. Right now the built-in ftp server is... let's say not that good. I would like a robust FTP settings page were we can configure ftp shares, SFTP, FTP over TLS, make self-signed certs, import CA certs, etc. Thanks.
  3. What type of SSDs are those? A lot of the TLC or QLC SSDs have a SLC cache size that enables 400+MB/s transfers but once you fill up the cache with a big file, speed drops to around 40MB/s. Also realize that I am not talking about the UNRAID cache. I'm talking about the built in cache inside each SSD.