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  1. Can't really remember at all but maybe crushadmin with blank password? But in my screenshot that's a password in the dockersettings.
  2. It worked on my system. Just checked and pulseway software reporting Windows 10 Enterprise 10.0.17134.0
  3. I LOVE YOU!!! <3 I have spend many hours to try to fix this including reinstall networkcard. I was sure something in unraid blocked me so i have uninstalled some plugings and changed some settings but no luck. And you just posted this one hour ago...its my lucky day =)
  4. This is my settings Just made some screenshots on my phone. Still in bed but got to go to work so let me know if you need better pictures. Haven't had the time to play around with crush and forgot my password but did reset it yesterday and looked around and set the rest up inside crush like 2 hours before your post are you spying on me? ?? Really like the gui
  5. Anyone got crushftp to work on unraid? I cant login to the webgui using the crushadmin/crush8password$ What am i missing? only changed this unRAID Share Path: Edit Remove Container Path: /unraid Tried a lot of l/p like crushadmin/crushadmin, admin/crush8password$ and root/myunraidpassword. got ipbanned like 15 times now =D i shoud be able to connect to the admin ui thru a browser on the same lan right? of not, how should i do?
  6. Anyone tried both windows apps and can tell me witch one is the fastest and most accurate?
  7. Just finished paritysync without any errors. Running a parity check now. What to do now... skip the use of unMENU och other addon/extras? Any ideas?
  8. I have the same problem with my new seagate 3tb and im getting help here: Just renamed extras, plugin folders and go file. Rebooted and started a paritysync. Just want to know if you successfully re-enable all plugins after the paritycheck or running without any. /Magnus
  9. Before i disable addons i want to post this last part of the log. Got 6 errors this paritysync and i can see 6 "Tower kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device" Should i still disable addons and try again i will do that. Also i attach the smart.txt from the extended text. /usr/bin/tail -n 40 -f /var/log/syslog Mar 20 03:40:01 Tower logger: ./test/ Mar 20 03:40:01 Tower logger: .d..t...... test/ Mar 20 03:40:01 Tower logger: mover finished Mar 20 04:40:44 Tower kernel: mdcmd (49): spindown 3 Mar 20 04:40:45 Tower kernel: mdcmd (50): spindown 4 Mar 20 04:40:45 Tow
  10. Grrr, this time i got 99 errors =( Everything take so much time =/ Its time to remove the drive and reinstall the 2tb and think about what to do. Ill try to connect the drive to a usbdock connected to my laptop and see if i can run some error checking software from Seagate. EDIT: Just realized that i got 2 movies (50gb) on my cachedrive that cant be moved to the diskpool because thats not enought free space. Can that cause the errors? Well im removing them and trying to make a paritysync again. EDIT2: I ran SMART extended test and it completed without errors.
  11. System Overview unRAID Version: unRAID Server Pro, Version 5.0-rc11 Motherboard: Gigabyte - GA-MA78GM-S2H Processor: AMD AthlonTM Dual Core 4850e.K - 2.5 GHz Cache: L1 = 128 KB L2 = 128 KB L3 = 512 KB L4 = 0 KB Memory: 4 GB - DIMM0 = 800 MHz (1.2 ns) DIMM1 = 800 MHz (1.2 ns) DIMM2 = 800 MHz (1.2 ns) DIMM3 = 800 MHz (1.2 ns) Network: 1000Mb/s - Full Duplex Uptime: 2 days, 8 hrs, 6 mins, 5 secs Running bios F4 and vill update the bios as a first step. The new drive is connected to the motherboard on SATA0. When i first got the drive i connected it to th
  12. ok here they are syslog was to big to attach but here it is: preclear_finish__Z1F1TQZ5_2013-03-17.txt preclear_rpt__Z1F1TQZ5_2013-03-17.txt preclear_start__Z1F1TQZ5_2013-03-17.txt
  13. Hi I need more storage and i bought a new 3tb Seagate drive (ST3000DM001) to replace the 2tb wd i were using as parity but i cant get it to work as a paritydrive. I removed the 2tb WD green that was paritydrive and run preclear on the new one and then added it as parity and started paritysync. It all locked fine up to 75% then i went to bed and then when in the morning it showed a redball and said 2 errors. I ran preclear again, made a logfile just in case then added the drive and started paritysync. It looked good up to 70-80% but later its the same again. 2 errors and redball =( Any
  14. smartctl -a -d ata /dev/sda | todos >/boot/smart.txt Gave me a new smart status file. Looking good as far as i can se. Ill attach the new file so you can double check. smart.txt