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  1. Hey Guys, I have a quick question. I had @CHBMB help me a couple of months ago. I wanted to know if is possible to always have the (Subdomain www,) to always be deleted? The reason why is because every time I update the docker it always comes back and I have to deleted in order for the docker to work or how can I make it work with the (Subdomain www,)? Thanks in advance.
  2. I want to let you guys know i got it working. I bought the Netgear Nighthawk X65 AC4000 Model #R8000P and it works like a charm. I am able to see nextcloud from my WAN and also on my LAN. Sucks i had to buy a new router but i needed one anyways so kind of workout. Thanks again @CHBMB
  3. Is not a bad idea. However, I don't want to be always trying to figure out why the pfsense is not working or why isn't it doing what i want it to do. Also, one turn key solution is better in my opinion. However, I was looking around and the wi-fi capabilities are a hit or miss on what wifi card you get. I read that it does not support AC protocol. This unraid is already a diy kind of server and don't want to complicate it any more. The netgear that i just bought says it has nat loopback and openVPN on their wireless router plus AC capabilities. Hopefully after i get the port forwarding done on the netgear router is going to work. I have reinstall the Letsencrypt and change the DNS on both nextcloud and Letsencrypt to make sure i don't forget how to set it up. Letsencrypt works now i just need the wireless router to get this to work. Ill will post my finding so later on it can help someone. You never know.
  4. Wanted to let you guys know that i did not get it to work with Linksys 3200ACM. I bought another router from netgear that gets here tomorrow and ill post if i got it working.
  5. I think i got it working inside my network with deleting the proxy pass.
  6. Correct. Just wanted to let you know that’s all.
  7. I understand. Thank you. I did search for that on google i just didnt use my hardware i just used spectrum. Well now we know that i need to change the wireless router at home. It's actually sitting on my desk. I did type the ip address manually and it takes me to this screen. Then i click on advance to continue and it takes me through https. Crazy. Well @CHBMB Thank you for been patience and for helping me and other here. You are truly amazing.
  8. On my router i am also using Dynamic DNS Client with my No-IP with a different hostname then my nextcloud. I dont know if that would cause any confusion.
  9. Here it is. Sagemcom Broadband SAS Software Version. SGAC11003K
  10. Do you guys think this would be my problem? See screenshot. Also, i cant change the dns on my current router from my ISP. I think this could be a problem.
  11. Hey @bamtan if you get Nextcloud working within your Lan can you let us know please. I am able to connect to Nextcloud through Wan but inside the network i can. I bought a Linksys to see if i can use that router for my setup. I didn't buy it just for that but it should be a better wireless router then the one i have from my isp. Thanks in advance.