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  1. Thank you for the input. I have not tried the Q35 as I don't know what it does. It was working perfect before the 1903 and now it will spike for a bit. Then after a while it will just stay at 100% and I cannot do anything else on it. I did go through the privacy stuff on windows 10 and turned off. @bastl
  2. These are my current settings. I have to keep force stopping and restarting to go back in the VM.
  3. Good morning Guys, Is anyone else having issues with windows 10 with 1903 that just came out. For some reason it keeps two cores at 100% all the time once i get of using RDP. Let me know what can i look at to trouble shoot. Thank you.
  4. Where did you find the domain.cfg? I had a Windows 10 VM working perfectly. So i upgraded to 1903 that just came out and on my VM if i remote in using RDP it will just peg at 100% all the CPU cores and i cannot do anything in it. I have to force stop it in order to get the VM to work and is very slow. Is something like this happening to you before you change that setting?
  5. I believe it does but I don't remember, I apologize I don't remember and thank you for all your help trying to figure this out. @limetech
  6. UPDATE: I was able to backup my Macbook Pro. See below on how I have it setup in case someone needs help to get theirs fix. Make sure you connect to the server before the backup shows up available under Time Machine. Click on Go and then go to Connect To Server. Once you have done that successfully you will see the name of the share come up and you can select it and walah. If it does not finish or it stops. It could be a corrupter file or program. What i used to resolve this issue was CleanMyMac X and it worked like a charm for me. If you know of any other software that works please post them for others to try. Hope the way i did it works for anyone else.
  7. Yay awesome. Mine should finish when I get home tonight. I am glad I was able to at least point out what work for me and worked for someone else.
  8. Hopefully it works for you. My computer is at work and is still backing up through OpenVPN. Hopefully when i get home it will finish. If it does then now i know that it was a corrupted file or program that was keeping it from backing up. @rorton
  9. I would actually start a new backup to make sure that is not an issue. I myself deleted the whole directory and created a new one just name it TM and that’s it. Created a user for TM using the same name and left it like that. Send me a message if you need more help on setting this up. I might do a video to help people.
  10. I little update for those who are trying to set this up. I downloaded CleanMyMac X and ran it on my macOS and for some reason it seem to help. I connect to the server by going to Go in the mac and the clicking on Connect to server. Once that is done i can go to time machine and select the server and wala it starts to back up. So if there is an app that is corrupted or a file it will not backup. Thanks to @wgstarks and @limetech
  11. I believe I figured out my problem which I’ll share so you can try. I downloaded CleanMyMac X and ran it on the pc. It cleared some corrupted files on my pc and right now since yesterday night is backing up. If there is an application or a file that is corrupted, it till stop running. Hopefully that helps. I did use finder to connect to the server under Go and then Connect to server in order for the time machine to appear.
  12. The video is public now sorry about that. I am running
  13. Yes. See below. I have also deleted and tried again and still nothing. @limetech
  14. I also just rebooted the server in Safe mode without the apps on GUI and still keeps happening. @limetech See screenshot below. I also took all the variables in the SMB under settings. The only one is the recycle bin. I switched it back to Unraid OS. I guess Unraid does not support Time Machine. Thanks for all the help. S