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  1. I just got it to work. I had to do a subdomain forward like the example you noted above and it works. I was doing dns instead of subdomain forward. Dee dee me. Thank you. What do you suggest if I decide later on down the line to make another site. Just fire up another container for Wordpress and another MariaDB? I will still keep the same NginxProxyManager and forward to the other Wordpress instance I just created. I believe that is the beat way correct?
  2. Couldn’t I have two certs? One for www.yoursite.com and then another one for yoursite.com? I have tried placing them together on the same cert and can seem to get it to work. Again, not a big deal but just a thought that’ all.
  3. I did not know that https://www.yoursite.com is not the same as https://yoursite.com. I thought it was the same just missing www. I have tried redirecting the site with NginxProxyManager and It just does not work. Just weird that’s all. Thank you for your input.
  4. I got a question for you. I got google domains and every time I go to for example.com my site comes up. But if I go to www.example.com it can’t connect to it because it not secure. Do you know what this mean? I have been trying to get the website to accept https://www.example.com and it does not work but if I do https://example.com it does. Just weird.
  5. I got it fixed. There was a port in the Proxymanager that was 8080 and i believe that was messing it up. I switched it to 8088 and the cleared my cookies and now i am using my domain to do the installation. Boy this was a pain. Dude you are amazing. Thank you so much for all your help. Thank you thank you.
  6. Ok so i deleted both MariaDB and Wordpress. I also deleted the SSL in Proxymanager and did a new one. However, when i go to my domain in Proxymanager, it takes me to port 8080 and not 8085.
  7. What folder do you want me to delete? After deleting both folders you want me to delete. Do you want me to delete both container Word press and MariaDB?
  8. If i go to I can see my website. I cannot see it outside because i am not able to use my domain to reach it.
  9. Proxynet is just a name for a network that i created a long time ago when i was using Letsencrypt. Nextcloud, Bitwarden, and Wordpress is on the same network (Proxynet). Also, i changed the port to 8083 and nothing.
  10. Yes. Bitwarden as well. That why i am so confused. Do i have to place my domain in WordPress Address (URL)?
  11. I am using my main domain. For example: mywebsite.com instead of wordpress.mywebsite.com. I dont think that is an issue but just wondering. @Kru-x
  12. My unraid is I am using port 8080. What do you mean by Forward SSL until i have it working? I have redirected my ports on the router. Also, thank you for your help. I switched all of my letsencrypt like nextcloud and bitwarden and those are working.