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  1. Thank you for this. I saw the video and loved it. When my flash drive dies I will get the Samsung one. Ideas for next video and would be great, to see how to get grafana working. Also, cover the new update for Unraid 6.9 multiple pools. Like benefits and disadvantages. As always. Thank you for your videos.
  2. You can use a tool Putty which is free. Google it and also google how to ssh and you will see how easy it is to ssh.
  3. Thank you for your feedback. I did not get out to work. However, I resolved the issue with getting an Unifi Gateway that does Geoblocker.
  4. Look at some of the previous comments about how to get out on maintenance mode. I had helped someone not to long ago on this issue.
  5. Go to /mnt/user/appdata/nextcloud/www/nextcloud/config/ open the config.php and at the bottom you will see ‘maintance’ => true change it to false.
  6. Algo que tambien pudiera hacer su servidor mas rapido, es comprar una unidad de SSD de estado sólido. Lo que tiene que tener en cuenta que no todos los SSD son iguales.
  7. Hey guys, Has anyone enabled the GeoBlocker app inside Nextcloud? I keep Getting this down below. I know it says to enable the exec() on php.ini but i don't know what command should i put in the php.ini and is the php.ini location is \mnt\user\appdata\nextcloud\php. I also read is not a good idea to enable exec(). Can someone please help me figure this out. I saw on my logs inside nextcloud some ip addresses of someone from Germany trying to get in the nextcloud instance. Status of the chosen service: "Geoiplookup": ERROR: Service seem to be not installed on the host of the Nextcloud server or not reachable for the web server or is wrongly configured (is the database for IPv4 and IPv6 available?!). Maybe the use of the php function exec() is disabled in the php.ini.
  8. Quick question. Have you guys ever consider making a webui like NginxProxyManager?
  9. Answer for your two thoughts. 1. They could create this to make it easier for users to control their bandwidth on dockers and VM. Not only that, but that would set them in another pedestals for users trying to figure out what OS to go with. Example, VM ware has the ability to limit per port level. Obviously, that is a different product but I hope you get what I am trying to say. Also, unraid would be a better option for users looking for something like this. I don’t think Freenas has this feature either soy raid would gain more ustomers because of this feature. I completely understand that there is probably better project to work on but that’s why we the user come to this sub forum for Features request. 2. Any amount of time taken is better than no time taken to see if this is possible. So if it takes 6 month for this to be implemented, than awesome. But if no one ask for it then unraid would never work on it because no one is asking for it. Furthermore, on my last comment I even said thank you for giving a workaround. Which I really appreciate. Thank you again for giving your input and also for been friendly and not a d!ck about it.
  10. You are missing the point. Not every one is tech savvy. Also, that is not a bad way to do it. This is the forum for Feature Request not for trouble shooting and how to do it. However, thanks for your input I might consider to go that route if need more control on the bandwidth at home.
  11. If you have the right router probably can, but if we can do it with unraid would be better as some routers don’t have all the bell and width Lea. Also, the amount of routers that have NAT Loopback/Hairpin is not a lot out there and also to have the limiting factor on the router as well probably a little harder. I believe if unraid had this would be better.
  12. When is the next new unraid version available?