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  1. Awesome thank you. I will update the go file with this.
  2. Ok awesome thank you so much. I can see it now.
  3. Well that was not there before grrrrrr. @JonathanM I swear I read the whole log and didnt see that. I believe it was the OVPN file I was trying to use that was not Peer to Peer and when I loaded the new one, It connected and threw this error and I didn't see it going through it. Well sir, I appreciated your help on this. I have been trying to fix this for the last couple of days. Will I have to do that command again do you happen to know?
  4. Yea. I just got another oven file and the credentials.conf has the NordVPN password I sue to login to the account. Here are the latest logs after getting a new OVPN that is dedicated to Peer to Peer. Edit: I deleted the logs.
  5. I don't see anything wrong in the logs. Edit: I deleted the logs.
  6. Sorry to jump in on this response. But my WebUI does not come up. But if I switch it to VPN to no like you requested to the other user, then the WebUI works. I set it back to yes and stops working. However, the container still works with Sonarr and Radarr. Do you by any chance know why this would happen? I believe all I have done is update the container and that’s it.
  7. I voted for ZFS. But I know when I first tried ZFS I was not able to use different size HDD and that is the reason why I came to Unraid. I have been on Unraid for a couple of years now and all I can say is good things about it. If ZFS supported different sizes of HDD that would be awesome.
  8. So what I am seeing is to change the tag to :latest and update it that way and make sure Nextcloud is stopped.
  9. When we update the container to the latest? Will it break anything on the database? If you know. Any recommendations on updating it so it does not mess up any of the databases we have already working.
  10. When ever the tag gets update to ALPINE = LATEST, what will happen to the application if we update it then? Will it corrupt the database or would we have to do something before we update to make sure it does not corrupt the databases or mess up anything when updating? Also, why are you guys going to Alpine? What's the benefits?
  11. What is the difference between this container and the jlesage and djoss?
  12. Hey guys, Try this link. It worked for another user that was having issues. https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1746902.rss
  13. This is the link I use. I just copied it from the iPhone podcast app. Hope this helps. https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1746902.rss
  14. Dude you rock. This looks good. I have Ryzen and seems to work. Thank you for all your work.
  15. You have to look for it with the url. Go to library and click on edit and click on add a show by url and paste the link. This should work.
  16. It works fine for me on Apple iOS 14.5.1.
  17. Thank you so much. Switching to that version resolved the issues I was having with Sonarr and Radarr not connecting and also the indexer not connecting.
  18. Where do you run that? On terminal or console for deluged? Having issues with sonar and radar connecting and would like to try this version and see if it fixed my issue. Thank you.
  19. I would like to know as well? I know there has been a lot of testing and that’s good. It would be nice to at least know a ballpark that’s all.
  20. I see this option. The only thing is, there is no option on deluge that says SOnarr move/copy to TV Shows and Radarr move/copy to Movies. If that was an option, this would resolve the issue. But @binhex on the above comment said that sonarr or radarr are the ones who copy the files. My problem is, that it does not copy all of the files over to the TV Shows or Movies. It works for some but now all, which is very weird.
  21. Ok so now i know the problem is with either Sonarr or Radarr. You are correct, it does a copy not a move. I will troubleshoot on thouse forums. Thank you so much.
  22. Hey Binhex. Quick question. I re-did this docker yesterday and got it to work, However, when deludge has completed downloading the file. Does it move the file or is Sonarr and Radarr that moves the file? I know this is not Sonarr or Radarr but wanted to see if Deludge is the one who perform this action?
  23. You can ignore. After a further look at the logs. I saw something that said bad AUTH. Checked my NordVPN and i placed the wrong user name. Sometimes is just the easiest things. Thank you.
  24. Hey Guys, I had this docker working for some time now. Then i updated the server to 6.8.3 and also updated to the latest version of the docker and i couldn't get the torrents like ubuntu to download. So i decided to start all over and deleted the whole container and the appdata. I am trying to set it up again and the webui does not want to come up. I already downloaded the ovpn from nordvpn and placed my credentials and when i look at the logs it says is ok. But the WebUI does not want to come up for me to finish the installation. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  25. How would you rebuild it? Just in case it happens again I know what I can do to try to fix it.