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  1. Before it sailed into the great ether, it was brtfs
  2. Thank you, but she's a goner now. Tried to stop the array to put it in maintenance mode and now no filesystem is being detected on the cache.
  3. So today my cache drive failed. It has gone into read-only mode so I'm unable to invoke the mover to pull the data off. I'm wondering how I can get the files off the the cache drive and onto my main array so it can be replaced? I have tried unBalance to perform the move, but that gives me what seems like a generic warning when I try to move the files. Probably because the cache is in read-only mode. I've also tried rsync directly from cache to disk but get an `Input/output error (5)`
  4. Executing => rclone mount --config=/config/.rclone.conf --allow-other --read-only cache: /data 2020/01/03 22:32:52 Failed to create file system for "cache:": failed to create cache directory /root/.cache/rclone/cache-backend: mkdir /root/.cache: permission denied I have a cache of an encrypted GDrive mount. Mounting the normal gdrive or secure mount works fine, but when trying to mount the cache, ^ this is what I get.