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  1. Thank You. So it does look like there is a master diagnostics after all. Looking at this superficially I see a few errors that should probably be fixed that are not related to this problem but I don't know what I would look at to determine if the drives are failing or if the controller is the issue
  2. What I was looking for was what diagnostic to look at or post. My understanding is that there isn't a master diagnostic and through search I even got the impression that some diagnostics have to be posted before reboot so would be of no value now that I have rebooted many times and remove and added disks. I've just ordered two new data drives and will have them in a couple of days but I would still be interested in understanding how to diagnose an issue like this -- what do I look at/post specifically and is there anything I need to know about stuff I need to not do (like rebooting) or d
  3. Can someone give me some insight on if I need to order new drives or how I can run some test to determine if I do. Details. 1) About two weeks ago one of my drives went offline. After removing it and putting it back in the array the drive reappeared. I was able to rebuild and everything was fine for 338 hours then the same thing happened. I can't be 100 certain it is the same drive -- it is from the same cage so I believe it is. 2) This time I can not rebuild. I tried to and I got a message about a drive had read errors. 3) SMART short self-test is no errors -- Extended sel
  4. I don't know what caused the problem as I didn't change any settings and haven't touched the settings in months but deleting the network.cfg file and rebooting fixed the issue. Thank you for the help.
  5. Dec 23 22:30:07 Castle kernel: microcode: microcode updated early to revision 0xa, date = 2018-05-08 Dec 23 22:30:07 Castle kernel: Linux version 4.19.107-Unraid (root@Develop) (gcc version 9.2.0 (GCC)) #1 SMP Thu Mar 5 13:55:57 PST 2020 Dec 23 22:30:07 Castle kernel: Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/bzimage initrd=/bzroot Dec 23 22:30:07 Castle kernel: x86/fpu: x87 FPU will use FXSAVE Dec 23 22:30:07 Castle kernel: BIOS-provided physical RAM map: Dec 23 22:30:07 Castle kernel: BIOS-e820: [mem 0x0000000000000000-0x000000000009bfff] usable Dec 23 22:30:07 Castle kernel: BIOS-e820: [mem 0x0
  6. I can't access the unRAID interface from any computer. I've had unRAID for years and did not change anything. Was just watching content on Plex and it froze and then could to access the interface. Have rebooted numerous times. The unRAID machine does boot and I get to the login prompt and I can login to command line. The IPv4 addresses listed shown above the login prompt is correct. I can not SSH into the unRAID from any machine. Also can not ping it. From the unRAID machine I can not ping anything on the network. I've looked around boot for some kind of log file that might have
  7. A few weeks back I had an issue that the community helped me out. Deluge stopped working and can't be restarted until I run /sbin/modprobe iptable_mangle Since this I've had to do it 3-4 times. Basically Deluge works fine and then one day I notice it isn't working and won't restart so I just run the command and it works fine. Is there something I can do to permanently fix this? This is a new development as I've run the same setup for a few years.
  8. Problem resolved -- If anyone ends up here with a similar issue the solution was to Allow Guest Logins in the registry. Despite this being allowed in Group Policy the value in the registry was set to zero. Changing that to one fixed the issue. I'm confused as to why Windows has two independent ways to set this and why changing it in group policy doesn't automatically alter the registry edit but whatever it works now.
  9. I'm unable to access any of my shares from a Windows 10 computer that updated last night -- worked fine before that. I know about SMB1 (active) and Allowing Guest Logins in group policy (Enabled). Turn off-password protection is set to off. So the obvious issues are covered. I have noth NetBIOS and WSD enabled on both unraid machines. I can access shares from other computers that did not update. I can ping the unraid machines and they respond Any suggestions?
  10. Thank you. That worked. I ignore that line since it said "outside your LAN" and I never access Deluge from outside of my LAN and as such I did not think it was relevant to my setup
  11. I am still having issues and am still trying to discover if I am having the same issue as everyone else or something different. Logically I would assume it is the same issue as everyone else but looking at my log file (which I posted a page or two back) I believe I'm connecting to PIA. Can someone tell me what error message I could search the log for that would establish that I am having the same issue as everyone else?
  12. Ok so here is my log file. Everything use to work fine and I did not change anything and I've tried all the suggestions without any success. supervisord.log.txt
  13. I read the last few pages and I'm still having issues and can't determine if my issue is the same as everyone else. I can't open WebUI. It works fine if I turn off PIA it works. I have port forwarding set to no. I've tried various configs including NextGen ones. I also have this error insmod: ERROR: could not load module /lib/modules/iptable_mangle.ko: No such file or directory So is this the same issue everyone else is having or something different?
  14. This one I tried just another plugin that I am not interested in and also same issue.