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  1. So unBalance from disk4 to all other disks. New Config, Preserve All; reduce by 1 disk in total # of disk?
  2. Success! Kind of. The drive failed and seems to be (shorting?) out the controller it's connected to. If connected to the LSI card, the whole adapter fails out. If connected to the board, the whole board controller fails out. At this point, the drive has been disconnected and the parity is emulating the contents. Is this where I now go New Config > Preserve All. Do I downsize by one drive or start the array with the same # of drives, but leave disk4 empty?
  3. New card came in and still having the same issue... Appears it's the motherboard/BIOS, as after testing on my desktop, both the old card and new card work... go figure. I've put the new card in, and connected only 4x hard drives (one SAS -> 4 SATA), and it seems to boot without any issues. Once I use both SAS ports on the 9201, it no longer boots and shows the above error message. Seems like with the total of 8x drives, the 9201i card is indicating a failure... what gives? EDIT: okay.. some more info. (1) LSI 9201-8i w/ 2 SAS (8x hard drives via splitters) -> no boot (1) LSI 9201-8i w/ 1 SAS (4x hard drives via splitters) -> successful boot (2) LSI 9201-8i w/ 1 SAS each (4x hard drives via splitters) -> only recognizes (1) LSI 9201-8i card (4x drives) Testing in my own personal desktop: (1) LSI 9201-8i w/ 2 SAS (8x hard drives via splitters) -> successful boot Seems to me like the motherboard isn't able to read all 8 drives anymore, any belief to thinking it's just a BIOS modification?
  4. The card was cooled off and still wouldn't pass the MPT BIOS error message. Unless it's isolated as a motherboard PCI error, it does seem that I could have taken both of these cards out with heat (my previous card was in the same spot, no active cooling). Case is a Rosewill L4500. It's on the side-most PCI slot, so no real cooling going on. I'm seeing quite a few people bolt up 40mm fans to the heatsinks, so that may be in order.
  5. Nope, so now we know it really is the card failing then Saw heatsinks on the cards and figured it would be alright. Looks like I'll be on the market for another card and figure out an active cooling resolution.
  6. Sigh, restarted and now getting an error at start... MPT BIOS Fault 11b encountered at adapter PCI... Firmware Fault Code: 4101h. This happened to my last LSI 9201-8i card, I wonder if the motherboard is eating these or if these cards are actually dying. Tried a different PCI slot to the same issue.
  7. disk4 disabled overnight, log shows tons of errors, UnRAID shows a billion writes with tons of errors. Not totally thinking it's failed, maybe a loose connection; but recently had a similar situation and lost a good chunk of data. Would like some guidance before I move forward, attaching diagnostics below. I believe the plan is to use unBalance to move all data from disk4 and let unBalance throw it onto the rest of the array. Once unBalance is finished, New Config > Retain all config > All > leave disk4 blank, start up the array, let it rebuild. Once rebuilt, stop array, downsize array down to 10 drives (now 11), then move disk5 to disk4, disk6 to disk 5, etc and should be good? diagnostics-20210215-1121.zip
  8. Ah, then the parity-rebuild did in fact work. Thanks a ton for all the help, JorgeB!
  9. I did have those checked and it still prompted those. Although, now that I look at my data, it does look like my Media has more folders now. Starting to believe that the parity-sync was able to move all files back to Disks2/4... love the self doubt at this point.
  10. Was finally able to throw in an extra 5TB and 4TB drive in place of disk1/disk3. Upon doing so, I got the warning that starting the array would wipe out the existing data on parity1/2. No combination of disk juggling would resolve this despite me thinking it would. Does in fact look like data loss, so I went ahead and started the array and pulling whatever data I can to pull over to the new array. I had my appdata/configs saved to my SSD cache drive, which is unaffected. I noticed my docker tab was empty (aren't these stored on the cache drive?) but when reinstalling some docker containers, the app would require setup parameters (edit menu) but would then reuse the appdata info, so this should make rebuild a bit easier. But, why does the docker tab clear out if the docker file is located in cache?
  11. Believe my tentative plan (waiting for 10TB Parity 2 to finish SMART extended) will be to run New Config > Preserve All. Assign the parity1&2 respectively, data respectively except exclude disk1/3 (since disk1 is outdated, disk3 is failed). (So does this mean previous disk2 is now disk1? Or do I leave previous disk2 as new disk2? As in, do I have empty data slots in the new config?) With the 2 parities, I'm hoping the array will start without the 2 other data disks. Do I add the 12TB as an additional disk? If in the event that I have to move forward with rebuilding the entire array, is there any point in pulling the existing data off the existing data drives? It's not mission critical, but would be nice... EDIT: The SMART extended test finished and no errors were found, as expected moving the 12TB to parity 2 and 10TB to disk3 did not prompt an easy 'copy' selection. It's looking like a New Config > Preserve All, then force re-enable Parity 2 and praying it allows me to rebuild by throwing in the 12TB into the data array.
  12. Can I force-enable parity 2, then move forward with rebuilding disk 3? Can I force-enable Unraid to see disk 1 as NOT a new device?
  13. Ah, I understand that one. Say parity 2 is still valid, could I force-enable it, then transfer parity 2 to a 12TB parity (will this play nice if parity 1 is 10TB?) then drop the 10TB from parity 2 to disk 3, keeping disk 1 unassigned? Are there any other alternatives?
  14. No, Unraid is seeing it as new because the array has been started/stopped without it prior. So now replugging it back in, Unraid sees it as new; however the disk still has data and has never been wiped.
  15. Sorry, I meant reboot, start array with it unassigned, then reassign it. Let parity rebuild and the error go away. Parity 2 is not showing any yellow abnormalities for disk attributes. I rebooted before I could find out what the error was on it getting disabled. Disk 1 is showing available (it does power on and read), but it's error is UDMA CRC error count - this was a known issue, I was waiting for me to arrive home (today) to pull the drive. I should have unassigned the drive first and rebuilt the array around it, but alas. Disk 3 isn't powering back up, at all, this seems like a catastrophic failure.