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  1. Ok... I have it and I was able to mount it as an Unassigned Device. It says that it has 3.48Tb used and 517Gb free. Now how shall I proceed? I tried with Krusader but I cannot see any file... Sorry for my questions but I am quite new at this
  2. What I did is the following: - Stopped the array - Disconnected disk - Started Array - Stopped Again - Swapped disk to new slot - Started Array The operation started with no problems and, after a while, out of the blue the reconstruction stopped. I tried to start it again but no joy. I tried wit a new disk and all went perfect (I thought) but the data are not there anymore... For sure I must have done something wrong but I did not probably realized I was f..ing up everything. Any way I can try to rebuilt the data from the failed disk (the very original one I mean)?
  3. I am afraid that the data could be lost in the previous attempt (the disk failed after a while during the reconstruction) somehow (I must have done something).
  4. It has some data (448Gb) but the failing disk had almost 4TB. No formatting done (otherwise I guess the disk should be totally empty). I just finished and the entire process was ok...
  5. Ok... New disk and I did it all over again. This time the process went through flawless but still all the data I had on the original disk are lost!!!! The reconstruction process went on for almost 18 hrs. but no files were saved at the end.... Any chance I can get them back from the original disk?
  6. I will try with a different disk when back (in around 5 days). I did change slot and I also tried to put another disk in the supposedly failing slot. The replacement disk keep failing while the others works fine...
  7. I did as follow: - Stopped the array - Disconnected disk - Started Array - Stopped Again - Swapped disk to new slot - Started Array As soon as I start the array again the disk has a blue square next to it and the Data Rebuilt message is displayed on Array Operation section . but as soon as the array is active again the Disk is disabled (red x) and the following messages are displayed: Unraid Disk 1 SMART health [199]: 10-08-2019 11:33 Warning [MONSTRUO] - udma crc error count is 2 WDC_WD60EFAX-68SHWN0_WD-WX21D19A81X8 (sdo) Unraid array errors: 10-08-2019 11:33 Warning [MONSTRUO] - array has errors Array has 1 disk with read errors
  8. I had one disk failing so I decided to replace it with a new one... Followed the standard procedure but I got an error with the new one. I proceed with a read check and all good apparently. I tried again but no luck!!! Any Idea how to solve? Diagnostic attached monstruo-diagnostics-20190809-1925.zip
  9. Ok if you say so now at lkeast I am not going to look further for a hidden reason...
  10. The weird thing is that if it was a normal failing disk why they are doing it one after the other (5,6,7...) and all of them in about 30 days time? Just coincidence? If it is no bigg deal (I will change the disk and ok, but I am afraid there is something else involved
  11. Not really as far as I know...
  12. I will do the test now. "Unfortunately log is spammed with errors like these and nothing else:" What does it mean? Can I do something in regards? The failure of the disks in a cascade (one after the other and all of them in a couple of months) to what might be related? Any idea?
  13. One more thing... It is surely a cascade issue. Before the #6 failed and now is #7. I am quite sure that if I fix #7 I will have the same issue on #8 than
  14. Here we are again... Once again after 2 weeks working fine I have another disk failure! As suggested by johnnie.black I have a diagnostic before I touch the server (I am anyway miles away and I can only access remotely). Here it is... I really hope you can help me guys with this because the failures seems to be endless monstruo-diagnostics-20190517-0655.zip