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  1. Yup I guess so... I just ordered a new set of high quality cables and I hope this will stop the problems... Thanks for the help
  2. Unfortunately I did not grab the diagnostic before rebooting... Here it is... In the mean while another disk failed!!!!! This is too much I guess. monstruo-diagnostics-20191011-1016.zip
  3. I keep having issues with failed disks... I just got home and another disk failed! On top this is a brand new one (bought on Feb this year...). The rate at which disks are failing is kind of weird since I have to replace disks almost monthly and some of them are quite new... I run a SMART test and all seems to be fine. Any suggestion? monstruo-smart-20191011-1346.zip
  4. Hi Guys, some advices needed for a new built. Actually I am running an old server based on a Supermicro X9SCM-F MB and an Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2 @ 3.30Ghz. Would like to upgrade to a new, more performing machine, that can handle the following tasks: - Plex Media Server (Max 3 streams at a time) - OSX VM - Win10 VM - JDownloader - Tansmission I will use my current case (LIan Li D8000) so space will not be an issue. Any suggestion/configuration is more than welcome since is long time without researching for components and I am definitely out of the loop. Thanks
  5. Thanks guys for the advices
  6. Hi guys, need advice here before I buy a GPU I would like to install on my Unraid machine. The MB I am using is a Supermicro X9SCM-F (Bulk Pack) with a Intel Xeon CPU E3 1230 V2 3.30 GHz. Any suggestion? Thanks
  7. Ok... I have it and I was able to mount it as an Unassigned Device. It says that it has 3.48Tb used and 517Gb free. Now how shall I proceed? I tried with Krusader but I cannot see any file... Sorry for my questions but I am quite new at this
  8. What I did is the following: - Stopped the array - Disconnected disk - Started Array - Stopped Again - Swapped disk to new slot - Started Array The operation started with no problems and, after a while, out of the blue the reconstruction stopped. I tried to start it again but no joy. I tried wit a new disk and all went perfect (I thought) but the data are not there anymore... For sure I must have done something wrong but I did not probably realized I was f..ing up everything. Any way I can try to rebuilt the data from the failed disk (the very original one I mean)?
  9. I am afraid that the data could be lost in the previous attempt (the disk failed after a while during the reconstruction) somehow (I must have done something).
  10. It has some data (448Gb) but the failing disk had almost 4TB. No formatting done (otherwise I guess the disk should be totally empty). I just finished and the entire process was ok...
  11. Ok... New disk and I did it all over again. This time the process went through flawless but still all the data I had on the original disk are lost!!!! The reconstruction process went on for almost 18 hrs. but no files were saved at the end.... Any chance I can get them back from the original disk?
  12. I will try with a different disk when back (in around 5 days). I did change slot and I also tried to put another disk in the supposedly failing slot. The replacement disk keep failing while the others works fine...
  13. I did as follow: - Stopped the array - Disconnected disk - Started Array - Stopped Again - Swapped disk to new slot - Started Array As soon as I start the array again the disk has a blue square next to it and the Data Rebuilt message is displayed on Array Operation section . but as soon as the array is active again the Disk is disabled (red x) and the following messages are displayed: Unraid Disk 1 SMART health [199]: 10-08-2019 11:33 Warning [MONSTRUO] - udma crc error count is 2 WDC_WD60EFAX-68SHWN0_WD-WX21D19A81X8 (sdo) Unraid array errors: 10-08-2019 11:33 Warning [MONSTRUO] - array has errors Array has 1 disk with read errors
  14. I had one disk failing so I decided to replace it with a new one... Followed the standard procedure but I got an error with the new one. I proceed with a read check and all good apparently. I tried again but no luck!!! Any Idea how to solve? Diagnostic attached monstruo-diagnostics-20190809-1925.zip