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  1. @JorgeB thank you for the response. From what I gathered from the other question is that I can put the parity drive in. And then basically one data drive at a time and it would rebuild them, I would just have to make sure they are in the correct disk assignment, like if it’s set as disk 2 then make sure it’s still assigned disk 2 in the new configuration and then I shouldn’t lose any data? Sounds like fun but that’s what I get for using a raid controller with unraid lol it was my first build so lots of mistakes were made.
  2. Hey ich777, its been a while since i first requested this... completely forgot about it haha. But I know ur busy making a lot of these containers, all have worked awesome for me btw just got the valheim one set it up without a hitch. But wondering if you were able to do one for Call of duty: World at War. If you ran into any problems its no big deal. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for a little assistance/reassurance on what I'm about to do will work out correctly. I am planning on upgrading from running my Unraid server on a R710 server build with a Perc H700 raid controller. The hard drives right now are all in their own separate Raid 0 disk groups just so that Unraid can see them. So they are all separate and being detected by Unraid as behind the raid controller identified by their names starting with PERC_H700_...etc... I believe their serial number is shown as well but after the raid controller part. I want to switch to a custom built chassis with no sort of raid controller and I am worried that when I plug the usb in to the new server with all the same hard drives that it will detect them by their serial number and it will not match what Unraid has in the disk config. Now I found a file called DISK_ASSIGNMENTS.txt that has the identification of each drive written in it, do I have to change the file to show just the serial numbers of just the drives? And will that even work or will I not need to do any of this and Unraid will just detect them right away when I turn the system on and I'm just worrying for no reason lol. Just want to make sure I don't lose all my data. While I have backups of my appdata and everything that I have on a separate device just in case, I don't have anything I can store all of my data on, its just too much to have to transfer 20+ TB of data. Any assistance is greatly appreciated as I will be attempting this soon and want to make sure I don't lose anything. Thanks in advance everyone. PS. have attached the photo of my array just in case I explained it too confusing or incorrectly
  4. hey @ich777 i love your minecraft docker it works amazing, i was wondering if you could look into making one for Call of Duty: World at War. That would be awesome if possible, thanks a lot for all the ones you have already made and all the hard work you put into making them!!