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  1. Found a simple method using regedit in the github reported issues (https://github.com/jshridha/docker-blueiris/issues/35) Other problems I have found workarounds for: - Freespace detection in BI under wine shows the root drives free space. Wine maps/mounts unraid shares as a folder mapping. I got around this by ticking to not monitor free space in BI settings. - No H265 decoder available according to error log. I changed the camera to H264+ and the error disappeared. Outstanding issues that arent immediately apparent after looking at scripts and dockerfile:
  2. I'd love to give this a try but not looking forward to setting up my cameras again. Any idea how to import a config if backup/restore does not work? (according to docker hub page)
  3. I came across this searching for a solution to the mystery of mover. I thought I could look at iotop but everything is hidden under the veil of shfs +1 to some way of seeing mover progress. Thanks! P.S. The previous suggestions indicate unBALANCE is used like mover? Are people ignoring the warning "unBALANCE needs exclusive access to disks, so disable mover and/or any dockers that write to disks, before running it.". mover is great as is balances the cache/array while everything is running. I assume unBALANCE can be used for this??