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  1. Thank you, works great. I had to delete the vdisk from the cache after I ran the code, and voila... as if it never happened.
  2. Day 3 of the build. It’s sort of working. Live @ twitch.tv/haijak
  3. @civic95man what route did you take after all?
  4. AMD + thunderbolt works fine. Not implementing compatibility for currently existing technology forces everyone out from using Unraid to the fullest. Planning to code only for the future is planning for failure. Coding support only for USB4 leaves everyone with older technology in the dust to fend for themselves. This is not what Unraid and Linux were made for.
  5. Bump, I’d like to be able to use my Thunderbolt Gen1 10gbe adaptor with Unraid. Updated to 6.8.2 but I hear thunderbolt no longer works even for HDDs. Will there be a fix for this?
  6. Well, after switching cables out of the drive bay and a few other things, I took the drive out, plugged it in externally... and wouldn't you know it... it's clicking like crazy, doesn't even start. So I switched out the drive and that was that! Thing's working great now.
  7. Thank you for your reply. I'm an absolute noob. Please forgive me, I sort of need a guide through it. - I haven't restarted the array yet. To proceed with the mentioned method: - Simply moving the emulated data using Krusader to a new folder elsewhere on another disk would be enough to reconstruct the files in that new folder? - Wouldn't making a new config destroy the data? - Do I need to stop and restart the array before taking any action? What I have done so far: - I made a new share and isolated the disks the share will be using. - I started a copy operation (not move) of the folder(s) containing the emulated data into the new share. - QUESTION - Will this reconstruct the lost/emulated data? Update: - I checked the copied files, large 4k .braw video files from a BlackMagic Camera. They seem to be working OK using the .braw player for Windows over the network, sourced from the new share. - The size also seems to be in the right ballpark for most of the data. - I will continue to study the files to check if they are simply previews or the full deal.
  8. Edit: Reading over FAQ and other things, installing "Fix Common Problems" So I left for Christmas, got back, and my disk was dead. Halp! I'm an absolute noob! Rebuild and repair? I have enough room to fit all the data in the other disks without replacing the disk. Do I need a new disk to save the data or can I simply use the remaining space? Running Unraid 6.7.2 honeybee-diagnostics-20200112-1314.ziphoneybee-syslog-20200112-1740.zip