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  1. I have here a pretty nice build witch runs great for Unraid: ASROCK 370 Minti ITX Now since the new Ryzen Series is out im a trying to install a Windows VM with GPU and USB Passthrough and i fail due the fact that the ethernet Card is bound to a Immou Group witch i need to passthrough via "vfio-pci.ids=" Q, is there a possiblity to use the networkcard for Unraid ? As when i passthrough the IOMMU Group Unraid can not detect the Networkcard anymore
  2. Hello, i am considering to buy another lisence for my Backup server, where only 4 Drives are realy used within Unraid. But there are many more attached to the Mainboard as they will be used inside VMs. what Lisence do ni need ? I am afraid i need the Pro Version although only 4 Drives are used within Unraid ... Is this correct ?
  3. here is ... what i think an interesting alternative https://looking-glass.hostfission.com/
  4. another Victim .. and i have Unraid just for a week . tower-diagnostics-20190725-1714.zip
  5. I started a new attempt to get help --- after i added another NIC to Unraid i cant set it up properöy 1. NIC the one for local Network work fine 2. Nic 10G is setup per Peer to peer. also works fine But whatever i tried the routing inside Unraid is broken, as a result Docker cant acsess to Internet nor can the internal Apps any hint / Suggestion ?
  6. ARRGH NOT REALY SOLVED... NICs seperated now. But somehow the Routing does not allow me to be set to eth0 (witch is connected and reachable to Home Network) eth1 is peer to peer to another PC How can i set the default rout back to eth0 ? all attempts fail so far As the Unraid server have this way no Connection to outside world (Apps, Docker VM )
  7. Solved ! Thank U !
  8. I just joined the Unraid Family a week a go. I run into a Problem witch i cant solve. I have 2 NICs installed eth0 is a 1G LAN eth1 is a 10G Lan Somehow those Nics are bonded together, the Settings for changing this value is grey i can not unbonded it ? I Stopped Docker and Array (NO VM ... so far installed) Pls guide me into the right direction to sove this. Thank You !
  9. The Error 43 is still there, can get it to work tried all methods shown in videos and even here in the Forums. I have a NVIDIA P600 Quadro, i think it is time for a new VGA Card but witch one ? As i do not play games but need a 4k Resolution as i use a TV as Monitor (HDMI)
  10. The Windows VM is getting there... the Failure with the Boot Loop could be fixed with this help Now need to figure out how to passthrough my VGA Card (NVIDIA P6000)
  11. yes true... i am kind of lost now, as i do not want to interrrupt the parity build... / 60% done I am facing various problems with the VMs First of all Windows: Passtrough NVME + OPtane do work .... until the first reboot, then i am stucked within a loop (CD Rom Boot all the time) 1th thing i did, edit vm xml and added : <boot order='1'/> This did not help whereever i put the line.. several Errors Then after approx 30 Reboots i figured out that afer a reboot the config file of VM XML does not interact somehow with the KVM BIOS Emulation It is reverted each time to Boot from CD So far i press F2 to get into the VM Bios an there i can change Boot Order to NVME Any Idea how to Fix this ?
  12. Realy a pain in the ass this is,,, cant get it to work, hopefully somebody will share his expierence here with me
  13. Getting slowly there using a Linux template,., No disk found ... ( of course as need to learn how to passthrough NVME + Optane) and then finaly the LSI ,, thanks
  14. Hello bastl, thanks for ur help. The NVME and Optane are splitted thats not an issue at all, refering to spaceinvaders one Video. (As long the splitted devices are not running in different VM's at the same time ) The Second NVME + Optane i want to use exklusive for the Solaris VM. I could not any template for Solaris nor i am capeable as a noob to create my own template in unraid....