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  1. wow super ! 90% done i would vote for: .. last snapshot date .. what device is in this pool
  2. @Omri.. did u add the command ifconfig netmask up ?
  3. as stated in 6.10 RC1 thread... Thunderbolt works now with full functionality. Big thanks to Limetech to make this possible. Now i can get rid another PC witch was just running on a weekly Basis to make Backups... Using Unraid right now with a via Thunderbolt connected DIY BOX for Backups
  4. dont know, will test it on weekend, now just copy a huge amount of Data across, 67TB ... so far so good
  5. Basicly followed ur instructions, and amended the Udev rules for removable disks and network, thats it.
  6. Hello world, Thunderbolt on Unraid finaly works Device per Unraid connected -- works ! ( This weekend i will add my DIY TB4 to SAS to 24x 12TB HDD) to make my first Backup, i will report here how it went ! TB3/4 Networking working with 20GB Speed between Unraid and Windows ! I super stoked about it, many thanks to the big support here ! Thank u !
  7. Well lets summarize the truth ... The "add on" Thunderbolt is wanted by just a few poeple who see the advantage of this technologie ( Hope more see the Light when USB4 ist final out) The developers of Unraid never realy looked into it, as the do not have the "Hardware" Now they finaly added the driver but didnt connect the neccesary routes to the core. I can understand the developers.. is it fair and legit ?... i doubt. How they can "promote" it but never ever tested it. We enduser are there testers, Who paid for things that are not ready 😞
  8. .. still 2 weeks before i can touch my System again, thats why i ask here is this problem solved or was the statement that "thunderbolt support" was added in 6.10 only hot air ?
  9. where to get that summary ? I doubt the backup went through ... on a very large Folder ( ~ 22TB) The log what i got looks like this reate backup of /mnt/remotes/ Backup path has been set to /mnt/HDD/Pics/remotes/ Create full backup 20210508_062306 sending incremental file list new entries !/ new entries !/2021-07.05 001.jpg new entries !/2021-07.05 002.jpg .... ~ roughly 1TB copied over then suddenly stopped script stopped somewhere without error entry ? ** Update script makes Browser Tab Crash after thats script is closed ... where to dig out the error ?
  10. leider nein ! auch der funktionierende share auf den normalen Unraid Pool wir dnicht angezeigt ..
  11. Folgende Ausgangslage Unraid Server 1 = zu sicherende Daten Unraid Server 2 = mit 1x Unraid Pool bisher genutzt um neue Daten aus Unraid Server 1 zwischen zuspeichern und 1x ZFS Pool = Backup on Demand ... Gerne würde ich dieses tolle Plugin zum Backup benutzen Nur wie mache ich den ZFS pool für das Script sichtbar ? Über das UD Plugin kann ich zwar wunderbar über NFS im Server 1 das Remote Pool vom Server 2 mounten, nur leider bekomme ich den ZFS Pool nicht eingebunden. Ein "mount" wird mir zwar angeboten, wird aber nicht durchgeführt ...
  12. well i appreciate your efforts, lets see the outcome in the next release ! Thank u for stepping in and try to help
  13. Not working ! I believe some Steps left out ... when i read here https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/v4.13/admin-guide/thunderbolt.html "If the security level reads as user or secure the connected device must be authorized by the user before PCIe tunnels are created (e.g the PCIe device appears). Each Thunderbolt device plugged in will appear in sysfs under /sys/bus/thunderbolt/devices. The device directory carries information that can be used to identify the particular device, including its name and UUID." But that folder "thunderbolt" does not exsist ...