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  1. Addendum: testes Ubunto 20.04 and Fedora 31 last light... works
  2. Hello again, i made a couple of posts to get support for Thunderbolt, but it isnt realy working in Unraid at Version 6.83 (paid lisence) i can see the card (Gigaybe Titan Ridge) is there but some drivers are missing. As Hardware wise i crosschecked with a Windows installation on same machine.. all working fine. Q. is what do i need to do to get your support ? kind regards from Germany
  3. There is no support here for TB3 i learned the hard way aswell, once u go of mainstream u are on ur own. PM me maybe we can share or knowledge and find a solution
  4. Hello there, i found a realy great script for my (ZFS) Backup purpose. Unlucky me i have no clue about scripts % Co. I am still a noob and would like to know if somebody can help me to fix the errors / mistakes the script came from here https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=de&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fesc-now.de%2F_%2Fzfs-offsite-backup-auf-eine-externe-festplatte%2F%3Flang%3Den after several try and error i must gave up and pray somebody can help me : line 21: dialog: command not found anyone ?
  5. Did you find a Solution for this ? I am on the same Boat ...
  6. within TB3 u can easily adopt external Storage, or any other Device ( Sound, TV , etc) witch is rock solid. I use for example TB3 to SAS witch give me endless possibilities on Storage USB .. how many rock solid controllers do u know ? ähm ... i use TB3 on AMD since Titan Ridge Controller is out, the TB§ Protocol is open and free to use ( Tian Ridge also works with MAC)
  7. Since Thunderbolt 3 is Key changer for Home User in Backup strategies, i would love to see an implementation into Unraid. As all necessary Tools are available for it TB3 Linux Bolt As this will save not only save a complete computer, speed up the procedure and make Backups more secure as those devices a also available as portable without TB3 Unraid with a bigger array => no direct attached way to make a decent Backup / Second PC or a super fast Online Connection is needed with TB3 Unraid Array => TB3 + unassigend Devices perfect plug and "go" Backup
  8. Nope my Q. is if i cant hide some ... (witch are for example used for ZFS)
  9. Is there a way to hide unassigend device(s) entries ? right now it is confusing together with the ZFS Plugin ...
  10. Well ,,, i was lurking arround for a while to hunt the perfect case for my needs, but after some trail and error i gave up and started my own project. here is a teaser pic of my ~ 250TB Build AMD TR4 128GB Ram ASROCK Taich LSI 9305 - 24i SAS LSI 9300 -8i SAS 10x10TB in a Thermaltake W100 (still 10 Drive bays free ...) 24x 6TB in a Thermaltake WP100 2x NVME Samsung 970 Pro 500GB (RAID ) Windows 10 4x Crucial 500 GB SSD for cache 2x Intel Optane 280GB 1x Thunderbolt Titan Ridge for download pics from Camera no -- offsite Backup to cloud possible as only 4MBit Internet line ... yuck ! more pics will come soon, all parts arrived starting to assemble just now. why such big storage ? i am a professional accident investigator in Germany, all picture i take are with highest possible resolution, right now i use a BMPCC4K Camera I need to store data from each accident for 7 years by law. Unraid is my productive Server with (8x10TB Storage and 2x10TB Parity) the 24x6T are used with the ZFS Plugin and only booted up 2 a week for backup and snapshots one Intel Optane is used purely for ZFS second Intel Optane is used for high speed Downloads of pics Pic shows the selfmade storinator Bracket for the WP100
  11. this is a nice add on, maybe it could be done via Docker ? https://github.com/rclone/rclone-webui-react
  12. I have read and googled up and down the forums... and i must say many vague info given... I did the trial and error route to see if i can get my mini ITX system (AMD Ryzen + x370 ASROCK) to work with the onboard VGA Card Passthrough to a Windows VM. 1. The mentioned tricks (IMMOU Groups, ACS etc failed) either unraid would not boot at all ...bootloop or the VGA Card could not be set to passthrough. It is a pitty that so much unclear Info is swarming arround and keeps u busy for days. I gave up on this now, throw my itx case on M/B away and switch back to a normal ATX Case and buy another M/B just because the info provided sucks. Unraid is great but once u want more then just a plug and play "Nas" it is pretty time consuming
  13. I have here a pretty nice build witch runs great for Unraid: ASROCK 370 Minti ITX Now since the new Ryzen Series is out im a trying to install a Windows VM with GPU and USB Passthrough and i fail due the fact that the ethernet Card is bound to a Immou Group witch i need to passthrough via "vfio-pci.ids=" Q, is there a possiblity to use the networkcard for Unraid ? As when i passthrough the IOMMU Group Unraid can not detect the Networkcard anymore
  14. Hello, i am considering to buy another lisence for my Backup server, where only 4 Drives are realy used within Unraid. But there are many more attached to the Mainboard as they will be used inside VMs. what Lisence do ni need ? I am afraid i need the Pro Version although only 4 Drives are used within Unraid ... Is this correct ?