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  1. Thanks for posting this, I reverted to 6.8.3 yesterday and had a crash overnight. I just adjusted my settings to see if this works for me. Edit: unless I have some setting wrong, this did not work for me. My server crashed overnight.
  2. I purchased a second NIC to hopefully bypass this issue. Are there any instructions on what settings I need to change to utilize the second NIC for my system?
  3. Which is my situation, I downgraded one level but it isn't far enough back. So now I am stuck manually restarting my server every day if I want to use it.
  4. Is there a way to go back all the way to 6.8.3? I had already upgraded to 6.9.x and 6.9.2 and do not have an option to downgrade lower than 6.9.x
  5. I didn't see anything that you didn't see, I eventually saw that 400 error and quite a few warnings in the logs. The other thing I find very odd is that I have nothing in the appdata folder under shares but the site loads in a browser window. Not sure how that's even possible. I am about to give up and have a drink. openeats logs 2.txt
  6. New update, I think part of my problem was that I had the port on the end of the MYSQL_HOST line. After removing open eats and set it up. I left it off. I now have tables in my db. See below. Unfortunately, like @GhoulishPaladin I am not able to log in to the admin page, I still have the default Superuser_Name/Superuser_Password word set to openeats/openeats
  7. I updated it to point to the server ip/port. Still no changes and unable to login.
  8. I have been trying to get this docker setup for a few days. I have mariadb installed, I created a db named 'openeats', then created a user with all of the proper privileges. At this point I have a db and user with no tables. I then install the openeats docker but no matter how long I wait the tables are never created in the database. I check this via the terminal. nada. I also am unable to login to the admin page. I have deleted everything and started over multiple times. I don't know what I am missing. I have added all the settings and the log files. any help would be greatly appreciated. openeats logs.txt
  9. Just wanted to follow up with this for anyone else who has has the same issue. After replacing cables (no solution), bypassing the Rosewill backplane (no solution) and finally changing the PSU (solved) my read errors are gone. I was able to run the read check and then rebuild the parity over the weekend. The power supply I was using was not able to support my build. Since the Rosewill backplane requires 2 4-pin molex connectors per drive cage so 6 total. The Senty XPP725-HS (725w) just wasn't cutting it. That PSU only had 3 4-pin molex connectors, so I had to split them to power the cages. I ordered and installed and EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G+ fully modular PSU, it came with cables to power up to 6 molex devices. I have two cages powered. Tonight I will attempt to power all three and install a cache drive. Thanks for all the help!
  10. I ordered some kapton tape and some new power adapters, they should both arrive by tomorrow. I also sent a message to Rosewill support asking if the backplane provides the 3.3v power. I just hope that all of this troubleshooting hasn't damaged any of my drives. All the SMART tests I have run have come back passed.
  11. I have seen that, ie the fix with the kapton tape. I figured that since my chassis was powered only via the molex connectors I wouldn't have an issue with the 3.3v. I can always order the tape as well.
  12. Since these are shucked WD drives I have ordered some monoprice molex to sata power adapters, should be here tomorrow so I can test tomorrow night. The PSU I am used is pulled from a working system, as was the MB/CPU/ram. The PSU is a Senty XPP725-HS (725w), I am assuming this would be enough power to run the setup. I am open to a larger PSU if needed.
  13. I have a new build that has been giving me problems from the beginning. I finally switched over to a Dell H310 SAS HBA w/ LSI 9211-8i in IT Mode and have changed/re-seated cables a few times per the other posts I have read here. I am getting a huge amount of read errors. I am using a Rosewill RSV-L4312 4U case and am leaning towards the bays being bad. To diagnose this I was going to bypass the hot swap bays and hook the drives up directly to the HBA. Any other ideas? Bad memory, hardware too old? I have attached the diagnostics files. I hope that is enough to diagnose my issue.