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  1. [edit] oh my god I'm dumb... My timezone was not set correctly.. That fixed the issue. [/edit] Hi, thank you for this very useful plugin! I am however having an issue using the 'Custom Schedule' I have created 2 (very very simple) scripts, one to start a docker container at midnight, and one to stop that same docker container at noon. both scripts work fine when running them manually ('Run Script' and 'Run In background'), but they do not start automatically when I use the custom schedule. I have one set as 0 0 * * * and the other as 0 12 * * * What am I doing wrong? (see screenshot) ps : I tried looking for an explanation in this thread, but I only found posts from many versions ago so I figured I'd post it anyway. If I shouldn't have, please don't shoot me
  2. so... turning off jumbo frames seems to have fixed the issue. Don't ask me why. for future reference, I'm using an Intel NUC BOXNUC6CAYH as my windows 10 pro client with the latest update (10.0.18363 N/A Build 18363) If anyone has more light to shed on this, I'd be happy to see more clearly what is going on.
  3. OK, I'm having a weird issue since I upgraded to 6.8.1 (and rebooted the unraid box) Everything went smoothly as far as I know, and from 3 of my Windows 10 clients everything is fine. One client however refuses to load the directory structure over SMB. That same client is also unable to open the web GUI (keeps loading). When pinging from that client to the unraid box replies seem fine (100% return and all <1ms) pinging from the unraid server to the client also returns 100% at around 0.35ms, telling me the network side should be fine. Because it's only from this machine I'm looking more into the client side of things, but because it started since the update I thought I'd try my luck here. by the way, the same client machine can connect perfectly to my Seagate NAS and to a Windows network share so there's that... any insights would be welcome! ps : both on the unraid box and the client machine ipv6 has been turned off, so only ipv4, and I'm using 9K jumbo frames (on all devices on the network).
  4. I am seeing this as well. I'm new to qBT on unraid, but moved from a Windows machine. I can schedule whatever I want in the Alternative Rate Limits window, but it seems the schedule doesn't actually trigger. If I click the speedometer at the bottom of the page, the new speed limits do correctly apply. Any thought as to why or how to fix this?