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  1. This morning I noticed that my Kodi library wasn't updated. Went to the Ubuntu VM that runs my "master library" and found that Kodi had crashed. Restarted it, rescanned the library, crashed. Restarted the VM, rescanned again, crashed. Went to one of my Pi media players, manually scanned the library, it crashed as well. Went to my Windows box, scanned, crashed. So whatever the problem is, it's affecting all my media players. They can each scan for just a few moments then crash. (Pi version locks up at a black screen, Ubuntu and Win versions exit to the desktop. Since each media play
  2. So I got the docker installed, tested it and can connect with the client, but I still can't login via the command line to do anything. I get the "welcome" text when I telnet in, but no prompt. Everything I type comes back with an error. IE "error id=1538 msg=invalid\sparameter" when I type "help" or "login"
  3. I had the same problem, ended up deleting the sensors.conf from BOTH /etc/sensors.d/ AND /boot/config/plugins/dynamix.system.temp/. Then, I uninstalled the plugin and re-installed it. That fixed it, for me at least.
  4. Just installed this docker and I get the following error when starting the UI: [12.12.2018 17:02:38] WebUI started. [12.12.2018 17:02:38] Bad response from server: (401 [error,getplugins]) Unauthorized Then, if I click on the setting icon, I get: [12.12.2018 17:03:27] JS error: [ : 762] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'rTorrent' of undefined Any ideas?
  5. Just installed this plugin (on unraid 6.3.3) and the moment I click on the "start vboxwebsrv" button I lose all unraid GUI access. The only way to get back to the unraid gui is to ssh in and kill all the virtualbox stuff. Then everything immediately loads like it should. I've tried several ports, it doesn't make any difference. No errors, no log info, it just kills the unraid GUI.
  6. No, I don't need NFS, but it should be working. The whole point of rebuilding was to fix a broken service, so I'm basically back where I started. Time spent rebuilding the server was wasted as it's still "broken". Very frustrating. Thanks for trying to help though!
  7. Yup. Stopped and started NFS a few times, stopped/started exporting on each share, changed permissions from, and back to, public, rebooted. On the Shares page, they each show "Public" under SMB and NFS. In Kodi, (PC or Pi) when I enter an IP address manually for an NFS server, I see the shares by their path, not by their share name, and the path is empty. ie: I see "/nfs/", "/nfs/", "/nfs/". I should just see "Movies", "TV", and "Music" as I do with samba shares. When I select one, I should see the
  8. I never said I changed any hardware; same hardware, same IP. Even if the IP was different, it would still show up when browsing for NFS servers and it doesn't. In Kodi (Windows and Openelec) I can see the samba shares by browsing for a samba server, by manually entering the name, and by manually entering the IP. I can browse to the unraid server on my windows box by name and IP, I can get to it via putty using telnet and ssh. From the Pi, I can browse to the samba server/shares, but not NFS. On either one, If I manually enter the IP for an NFS server, I can see the shares, (listed
  9. Static IP, same as last time. And that wouldn't keep the server from being seen on the network. Regardless of the IP used, I should be able to see the server when browsing for an NFS share. If I force the address manually, it simply won't connect.
  10. Finally rebuilt my server (formatted the stick) after losing all SMB access. Upgrade went ok, restored a backup and got all my dockers back with minimal effort, but now none of the NFS shares are working properly. Example: Kodi. After I lost SMB access, I enabled NFS for the media shares till I got around to fixing it. I used Kodi to browse for the NFS source/server, added it and remapped all my sources. (openelec and Win10 boxes). Now, after the rebuild, my unraid box doesn't come up at all on the list of NFS servers. The shares are set to use NFS and SMB and both are
  11. Yes, I'll have a full backup, if not two, before I start. Thanks again!
  12. Alrighty then. Thank you!! (I'm not going to lose my dockers, am I?)
  13. Yeah, it's been rebooted a few times already. As for the new USB stick, if that fixes it, should I just upgrade the OS on my existing USB stick? Can I use the built-in upgrade process or should I wipe the original stick and start clean? Thanks so much for all the replies!!
  14. This thread was just to ask if I could wipe the SMB data, not to rehash my original problem. Please disregard this post. If you have any suggestions, please look here: DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD!