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  1. I've updated the guide with the new urls thanks to @Frod
  2. Thanks for the info. It looks an interesting way of dealing with FLAC and MP3's files.
  3. I've just worked this out and created a tutorial which I hope helps
  4. After completing my Lidarr setup using the 'binhex lidarr' docker I noticed that most music files listed these days are in the FLAC format. Being old school and still using a iPod Video 5th Gen I wanted my collections to be in MP3 format so wanted a way to automatically convert these. I searched through the Lidarr GitHub and the unraid forums here and couldn't find a solution but did come across a Lidarr docker container which had the functionality via a shell script. As I'd already setup Lidarr I wondered if it w
  5. For those that are interested I got some help from the Lidarr github after posting my issue and have managed to get the 'Album Type' directory created to allow me to segment each artists' work like this... /Artist/Album/Album 1 (2020) /Artist/Album/Album 2 (2019) /Artist/EP/EP (2020) /Artist/Single/Single(2020) To do this you need to add '{Album Type}/{Album Title} ({Release Year})/{track:00}. {Track Title}' to the 'Standard Track Format' and also this '{Album Type}/{Album Title} ({Release Year})/{Medium Format}{medium:0}/{track:00}. {Track Title}' to the
  6. @GeekMajic that may be the issue. I've posted a bug report onto the Lidarr GitHub asking about it and whether it's a bug or potential feature request. Thanks for the info,
  7. @trurl and @Squid thanks for the reply and advice on checking out the lidarr github. I'll check things out over these and see if it's a known issue / bug.
  8. Hi @binhex I've just setup my first unraid server and have today installed your sonarr, radarr and lidarr docker containers. Sonarr and Radarr are working fine but I have an issue with Lidarr and the 'Album Folder Format'. For each artist I would like to have their work organised into 'Album Type' so it would look something like this... Music/Artist/Album/Album 1 (2020) Music/Artist/Album/Album 2 (2019) Music/Artist/EP/EP (2020) Music/Artist/Single/Single(2020) So to do this I added the {Album Type} to the start of the 'Album Folder Forma