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  1. I recently have Trouble with my Unraid OS I cant create a new vm, when i hit save it loads foreever, i looked in the vm log but nothing i double checked all paths and leave all things default but nothing. Hope someone can figure out why ... Server Diag is attached server-diagnostics-20210725-1404.zip
  2. ok i get snmp working now, but the only thing i see more is "UPS LOAD %" "NOMINAL POWER" and "UPS LOAD" are still missing .. and yes modbus is enabled but i only see modbus tcp in settings, i dont think that this is modbus per usb
  3. i enabled modbus but when i set to ModBus (no matter if i use usb or ether) i get nothing
  4. I have installed a APC Smart UPS from APC with a UPS Network Management Card 2. How can i get the data? when i use the USB Cable i dont get any Power readings, but it works for Battery % and static data as Serial number and such things now i want to get it up over network with SNMP, i select "Ether" as usb Cable and "SNMP" as UPS Type. i enter the IP adress dont get any information, i tried something like ";apc;apc" too but no luck, anyone have more information how i can get this up and running ?
  5. im stuck in a boot loop on 7daystodie. i created the server and seems to work fine, i then imported an existing save, changed the config (server name and so on) and started the server again. Connecting anonymously to Steam Public...Logged in OK Waiting for user info...OK Connecting anonymously to Steam Public...Logged in OK Waiting for user info...OK ---Update Server--- Redirecting stderr to '/serverdata/Steam/logs/stderr.txt' [ 0%] Checking for available updates... [----] Verifying installation... Steam Console Client (c) Valve Corporation -- type 'quit' to exit -- Loading Steam AP
  6. Ok i finally found the issue... a module https://github.com/NolanKingdon/MMM-DailyPokemon is crashing since MM2 V2.13
  7. @ich777 Here is the log, its repeating and sure you want a screenshot? Its just a black screen... Log.txt
  8. My Magic Mirror goes black a few days ago .. after a while of tweaking i checked that there is no problem with my hardware .. my server just serves a black screen. I didnt changed anything and it was working before .. checkt the logs and no problems there .. but i just get a black screen when browsing to the url
  9. I have some problems with the Onlyoffice container, i run it first stock from template and was getting MySQL errors, i then changed to an external mariadb instance and this error is gone. But now i getting errors related to elasticsearch, i would use an external there too but there are no variables for that. more infos are here https://github.com/ONLYOFFICE/Docker-CommunityServer/issues/100 , i created a github issue becouse i think its more related to the docker image than this thread but i hope that someone has the same proble or have a fix for that
  10. i have two tails open, one on my pc and one that is piping it into a txt file on cache drive to see if there is anything usefull on crash i dont change anything the last month at the system, i also dont installed any plugins or anything else
  11. bios is up to date but i will check the setting but why was my system running for month´s and is now stucking daily since 3 days ? EDIT: Ram speeds are good, no over clock at all. CPU is stock too
  12. My Unraid server is Shutting down randomly, first i think it was the SSD, checked and reformated the whole SSD without errors, Then i run a Memtest, with no errors at all. SMART is okk too. The server runs for serveral houres and then it goes offline. the logs are a bit wired, this is an example, the logs are full with this: Apr 29 13:28:32 Server kernel: vethd123a7d: renamed from eth0 Apr 29 13:28:32 Server kernel: docker0: port 32(vethe08ef94) entered disabled state Apr 29 13:28:32 Server kernel: docker0: port 32(vethe08ef94) entered disabled state Apr
  13. never checked that i assume that this way all configs path ports etc settings are as they were before ? and thanks for that tipp
  14. Is there a way that all my docker Containers that are curently shown in docker tab are addet automaticly after recreating the docker image file ? I have more then 30 Containers running and to add them one by another needs time and is not the best i can think of. at least it would be nice to have a multi selection for adding containers back. that way i can select all containers i want to recreate after recreating the docker image file.
  15. ok I changed the disk and now it seems to be fine again