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  1. Following, as I have the same issue. newperms fixes the issue temporarily. However, some folders loose their permissions over time. I mostly see this in my steam library. Steam is able to find a game but doesn't have permission to update it. I run newperms on the game folder and then steam can update that game. Later, steam tries to update the same game and no longer has permission. Also, my files/folders were copied from a windows machine. Please tell me there is a fix for this (other than deleting and starting over on the unraid server).
  2. That worked! Man, this unRAID is sweet. Thanks so much for the help and quick responses!
  3. Now that I think about it. How would you remove a drive from the array without destroying it? I'm sure 1 at a time. However, if I could force the array to act like it only had 6 drives in the array, I think it might work. I just don't know how to modify the array that way.
  4. Thanks for that. However, won't that wipe the remaining drives in the array? I forgot to mention that these are the last 4 drives of 12 total (2 parity and 10 for the array). I have data on the first two drives in the array that I wish to keep. Is there a way to start the array without the failed drives and get the data off? I could then rebuild the array and move the data back.
  5. I just fried 4 drives at once (my fault, used a molex PSU cable from the wrong PSU). All of the drives that failed were empty on the array. I have 2 parity drives. Is there a way to sneak 4 new/blank drives back into the array?