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  1. It happened again last night... Here is the new diagnostic after I stopped the array. The Syslog is much bigger today. Will reboot the system tonight when i get back from work. Thank you. syslog
  2. I was able to stop the array... took about 25 seconds.
  3. Ok, my apologies. I went into the /boot/logs folder and I see one syslog file and two disgnostic files. See attached files. I hope that is correct... syslog
  4. I have set Persistent Logs (syslog server) to Mirror to Flash previously. That's the file i have uploaded JorgeB. I can see in the syslog.txt where it says unclean shutdown detected but I don't see the cause of it.
  5. Hello, I'm dealing with unclean shutdown daily and I don't know what is going on... I've read the pinned sticky thread on Unclean Shutdowns. I don't have any VMs or Terminal windows open, I've changed my timers per recommandation but nothing help. I've attached a copy of my diagnostic files and made sure that the syslog was writting on the usb-flash to get all the infos. Hopefully that helps. Thanks guys.
  6. It worked!!! Thx for saving the day. Won't make that mistake again...
  7. I was getting spin down spindown error from my sas drive so i started unninstalling plugins started with Dynamix Sleep and nothing changed then Dynamix SCSI... After a reboot my arrays isn't there anymore. Can I recover from that? Where do I start? I did a backup of my usb drive two days ago...