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  1. I have always liked Plex a bit better than Enby. But the nice thing about Enby is that it is open source-- or rather, it WAS open source. Now I see no reason to use Enby over Plex. Now, if you want something that is still open-source use Jellyfin. It's the fork of Enby that was made after Enby went closed-source. Jellyfin is a tiny bit more rough because it's a FOSS project now. But on the upside, it also has less bloat than Plex. It won't advertise to you to get a premium account or try to get you to watch "Plex TV" and all the other stuff they have stuffed into Plex these days. Jellyfin also has all features unlocked from the start whereas Plex has a premium tier. Jellyfin is truly, completely yours on your own server with no payments and no connection to a corporate entity. If you want the FOSS, totally-free, totally self-hosted option, and are okay with it being a bit more rough, get Jellyfin. If you want it looking perfect, professional, corporate, want it to go through Plex's servers, don't mind premium features, and don't mind the extra bloat, get Plex.
  2. You can add a custom SSL certificate. I use this feature for Cloudflare origin certificates all the time. On the SSL page, choose 'add certificate', then choose 'custom'. You'll need to supply the required files. I assume you know how to do this if you're trying to use your own certificate.
  3. Ah, thank you! That solved it. I saw 'more settings' and didn't realize there was also an 'advanced' view that had even more hidden stuff. I need to check the documentation and make sure that information there.
  4. If it pulled the DNS settings for the bridge interface it is on, that would make sense. So I looked there... and I didn't see any place to put DNS options there either. Am I missing something?
  5. Thank you. I know what my DNS servers will be. But I don't see where to put them in the Docker configuration.
  6. If anyone is still searching, I eventually found a solution in another post several months later. See below. I have not tested extensively but it has worked for me so far. Either running the command in the console before re-joining the domain, or adding the script to /boot/config/go as a more permanent fix. I don't know if this will fix the issue for the OP, but it fixed mine, which seemed to be the same issue.
  7. Where can DNS be configured in a docker container on a bridge network with static IP? I see where the IP address is configured, but not DNS. I don't have a DHCP server on this subnet, and it is not using the Unraid host network, so it can't use the DNS of the Unraid box. I need to assign DNS servers to my containers or some of them will not function. (Issue is not in regards to this specific container, I need to know how to do it for any that may require it)
  8. It seems to be network-related. I have the Docker container on a different subnet than my main subnet that the host runs its administration off of. Switching it to a bridge seems to fix the problem temporarily. There's an error about missing the fullchain.pem file. I don't know if that's expected on first boot or if that's something that will be resolved later. Update: Looks like it may be a name resolution issue. I don't have DHCP server on this subnet. I probably need to find a way to statically set DNS servers for the docker container. ProxyManagerLog2.txt
  9. My ProxyManager has been unable to launch since I updated the container (for the first time in a while). Has anyone else seen this in their logs, or can anyone help me decode it? It looks like it's failing to install the database, therefore failing to boot, because it can't fetch a required file. I don't know why. It's also not 'temporary,' it's been doing this for a couple days now. If I'm on the right track, I don't see why it can't fetch the files. They're at and I can download them manually on my personal computer. Why can't the Docker container? ProxyManagerLog.txt
  10. I've had similar trouble, where domain join worked for a while then just un-joined itself. It used to be that I could just re-join every time it left the domain unexpectedly, but now it won't join at all. I had 2 servers with the same issue. I've tried everything above, plus: *Deleted the computer account from Active Directory before attempting re-join *Updating from 'stable' to 'Next' to see if support improved *Confirmed other machines can join the domain *Tried joining as a different user (some said this worked in other forums) Paste of my logs from when I attempted to join: Let me know if there is any news. I can access stuff over FTP as a workaround still but I kind of need SMB working.
  11. I saw SWAG too, but am hoping to get Proxy Manager running to reduce the amount of overhead when managing my servers. I could probably use it if I could just figure out what nondescript 'internal error' keeps happening whenever I try to get a certificate issued or renewed. The proxy works great, and I can pull sites over http, but I can't get certs for https. Unfortunately I don't know what this error means and I'm hoping someone else may have seen it before. This error occurs whenever creating or renewing any certificate. Happens consistently, no special steps needed to cause it.
  12. Ah, thank you. That makes sense, I didn't think those settings would have no effect. I take it that's true of all docker containers that use that br2 network? Do you have a suggestion on the version being out of date? Is that just the Docker container not being maintained? I'm having a couple issues with the application itself that only happen when I run it in Docker instead of in a VM, but I figure I should make sure I'm on the most recent version before pursuing those.
  13. Hello, I'm getting a few unexpected results. I left all settings default when installing the Docker, other than changing the network from a bridge on the host to br02 so it can have its own address. Why does Docker show that the mapped resources, specifically the ports it is using, do not match what are in the docker settings? Also, I think I have an outdated version of the application, though that could be an issue with the Docker image. Do I have an issue, or am I just missing something that should be obvious? Screenshots attached.