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  1. I need my "Remote tunneled access" to use eth1 as the route in PostUp. Currently it tries to use the unplugged eth0, and the configuration changes even if I download/edit/import.
  2. Just adding the NDI source makes OBS run at 40-50% CPU usage in the container, while looping it back to my windows pc it barely tickles 2-3%. Are there hidden requirements for GPU Video decoding with NDI, or is this just a NDI on linux thing? This is with a GPU added (I see nvenc in obs) and "Allow hardware acceleration" checked on the NDI source.
  3. I am experiencing a similar issue. I updated the plugin, added a new client, clicked apply yesterday and I have also lost access to both the server and my vpn tunnels, on both ios and windows. I am currently away so I can't check the actual server. WireGuard connects, gets an ip, and says everything seems correct, but I am not allowed to connect to anything else any more. It might just be that the server requires a restart but I won't know until later this week.