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  1. fysmd

    Third drive failed in two weeks

    the drives are split over two 550W PSUs but will tot up how many / which on each.
  2. fysmd

    Third drive failed in two weeks

    machine reboot rather than stop and restart array? - damn, in the middle of preclears
  3. fysmd

    Third drive failed in two weeks

    Just had another drive go, disk2 now, diag attached server-diagnostics-20190223-1439.zip
  4. fysmd

    Third drive failed in two weeks

    Sorry, that's not what I meant - I now have four drives which i removed from the array, likely cable related. is there any reason to suspect them faulty? One back at full strength I may run preclear a few times on them to test them but is there anything else?
  5. fysmd

    Third drive failed in two weeks

    thanks, I noticed disk18 and have a replacement now - preclearing. While starting a pre-clear, disk2 just went offline!! It does seem that all these drives were on the same cable. Bi of rearrangement and that cable's out of play now. REALLY glad I added two parity now! Other than drive18 with errors, would I be right thinking that they're likely OK?
  6. So I've just had my third drive in a fortnight go bad. Last week I took the precaution of adding a 2nd parity but had another go unmountable since then. Now the drives failing have been old but I'm wondering if there is something going on here which I'm not noticing. Posted diag from today and one from a v poory state last week. Any advise / comments much appreciated.. [off to buy another couple of drives!] server-diagnostics-20190223-0956.zip server-diagnostics-20190216-1045.zip
  7. O-M-G!! I feel like a muppet. Off to get proper cables now. Thanks again!
  8. I want to say a big thank you, especially to johnnie.black for all the help with my recent issues (not only in this thread!) I worked out the source of my troubles I think and it was mainly -- >>ME<< I'm embarrassed to say that I had a compound issue: 1. Two of the five cables I bought seem incompatible, drives connected after one of these cables were not detected! 2. I'm a dick - I had knocked power off for a large number of by drives (2nd PSU!) - THINGS WORK BETTER WHEN PLUGGED IN! Now I'm over my brain fart I can start to fix properly, the cables I bought (same supplier) are: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/1m-broadcom-sff-8643-to-x4-sata-cable-mini-sas-hd-to-sata-data-port (works) and https://www.scan.co.uk/products/60cm-silverstone-12gb-minisas-hd-sff-8643-to-sata-7pinplussideband-cable (don't work) What should I be looking for vs avoid in these cables, I'm not seeing the difference
  9. I dont know what forward vs reverse breakout means.... Tried the HBA in two identical machines, same result and have now replaced the card, same result Same cables and drives though I've upgraded the firmware on the HBA, same results, no BIOS update available for MB. Could this be MB or Drive compatibility?
  10. Oh I hope not, servers been down for days already Would be just my luck though! Anybody know if there's any config I need to do to enable all ports for sata drives or anything similar?
  11. Hi all, I'm new to this card and just installed it. It seems to only detect drives connected to the first port. All four connected drives are detected but moving the same cable to other ports on the card leaves them undetected. If I run the setup tool at boot time (ctrl-c) I see the same thing, just four drives. Any tips?
  12. OK, well my new toy will be with me tomorrow so I'll take it from there. Can I just check the approach when I get the new controller, after reconnecting everything should I expect the one disabled drive to still be disabled? is there a way to force it back into life or is it safer (better) to just all it to allow the array to rebuild on the same disk again?
  13. This sounds odd to me. I do not have any stand-alone port multipliers, could they be a part of the card I'm using?? Also, I have been running this config for many years now and I have only ever had similar issues when I was mixing REISERFS and XFS, I migrated all data without issue and it's been stable since then (until now!). I have upgraded unraid - is it possible (advisable?) to downgrade back to a version which did not exhibit these errors? I have also taken the plunge and gone for one of these puppies: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/24-port-broadcom-sas-9305-24i-host-bus-adaptor-internal-12gb-s-sas-pcie-30 it's on the recommended HW list so I ought to be golden with this fella - will I?? I have another question regarding rebuilding now. I have disabled all software which might be trying to write changes to my unraid array but with one drive (allegedly) missing and and another in a very off state, how should I proceed to get back healthy? Obviously if both drive refuse to get recognised i cant rebuild the data from parity :(
  14. O-K.. I had an almost identical issue again a couple fo days ago and followed the process described above (Maintenance mode, disk checks etc, rebuild array after remounting drive and array returned to health after a parity rebuild. Today, I have the same symptoms again but with a different drive again - diag attached prior to doing anything:. I notice that two drives from my array appear in my unassigned drives section on the main screen. One of them is the drive reporting failed and the other claims to still be healthy in the array, screenshot below: Array still started but not happy at all, lots of data missing Am I doing something really wrong somewhere, been running Unraid for a very long time without issues at all, seems to be all wrong right now! Please help! server-diagnostics-20181205-2219.zip
  15. Half way through rebuilding and the contents do seem to be emulated again😄 (I was worried there!). Thank you SOOOOO much for the help, I think without this assistance I would have removed the drive from the array, rebuilt parity, mouted the drive externally and copied any working content back to the array. I had a power incident at home a couple of weeks ago, while the machine stayed up, one drive stopped working completely and I suspect another had a similar issue to this one (it mounted externally and worked, then passed a preclear without issue!) Time I think to invest in fresh batteries for the UPS which isn't on at the moment!!