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  1. I got an email the other day from google about updating the security of my apis. does this effect the rclone script shared here? except from the email: What do I need to know? Items that have a Drive API permission with type=domain or type=anyone, where withLink=true (v2) or allowFileDiscovery=false (v3), will be affected by this security update. In addition to the item ID, your application may now also need a resource key to access these items. Without a resource key, requests for these items may result in a 404 Not Founderror (See below for details). Note that access to items that are directly shared with the user or group are not affected. it makes me super confused on what I need to do in the next 25 days to keep my account working...... if anything.
  2. if you used the same folders (edit the folders if you didn't) as the OP that wrote the script you can use the following in a new script and set it to run at stop of array: #!/bin/bash ####################### ### Unmount Script #### ####################### echo "Unmounting MergerFS" umount -l /mnt/user/mount_mergerfs/gdrive_vfs echo "Unmounting Rclone" umount -l /mnt/user/mount_rclone/gdrive_vfs echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") INFO: ***Finished Cleanup! ***" exit
  3. It’s safe as I have been testing that exact command for a while now (if you scroll up to my other post you’ll see I have the same commands). Although I didn’t need to umount the cache or local folders on my setup. Only the mount_mergerfs and mount_rclone sub folders.
  4. so ive been reading for ages but theres so many pages here, my issue is that when the array is stopped the mergerfs mount is not unmounted casuing unraid to keep retrying indefinately to unmount shares, i have to manually kill the PIDs for rclone mounts to get the array to stop. is there a fix for this? ps -ef | grep /mnt/user to find the PIDs then kill PID to kill it i tried adding fusermount -uz /mnt/user to the cleanup script and run at array stop and that kills all the mounts. but im not sure thats the best way to do it (so this didnt actually work on a reboot) i found that if you set it to : umount -l /mnt/user/mount_mergerfs/gdrive_vfs (my mount) then umount -l /mnt/user/mount_rclone/gdrive_vfs in the cleanup script it finishes without error. seems a bit convoluted to get it working for a clean shutdown.
  5. Turn off your VPN off network and the page will change to remote access instead of local
  6. Whatever you did fixed mine. Thanks 😇😎
  7. Turn off ssl for web GUI to stop that redirect.
  8. So this started working fine yesterday and then I updated the plugin. Well now it’s borked again. Even my avatar and name have removed themselves from my web GUI.
  9. the unraid-api wouldnt be blocked by a local firewall would it?
  10. so ive managed to find the issue, no idea how to fix it though. the command works now for 10mins. then the connection drops. 10mins on the dot everytime. its like the unraid-api cant run for longer than that and just gives up
  11. 2021.03.22.1700 correct and that command works for 2mins then the connection dies again (just tried the command again and now it does nothing to fix the connection)
  12. i see that its supposed to be back up but i still have the not connected to mothership triangle in the webgui and access unavailable in the my servers tab on forums, have i done something wrong or is it still a work in progress?
  13. shouldnt local path be /media as thats what you told your docker it is