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  1. I saw that with the update, but I was running a version of last week and it didn't had the backup in it.
  2. Ok wow I found out what happened. I made a custom backup of my world before even update the docker. When I update, it corrupted my world. So I deleted old files and restoring my world and it's working now.
  3. I have the same exact issue. It was working perfectly fine with 0.143.5. I tried to log in and the game says I was in an older build. So I updated the docker and since it doesn't show up, loop into itself and restart each 30sec-1min. There is something that happened to this image.
  4. Well, I've done all of these steps numerous time and I still don't understand why. I've tested with a windows 10 20H2 VM inside unraid and this windows can see the share and connect to it. The physical windows in my house can't see the share but can see the VM.
  5. I've tried last week every step in this video and tried again as of now. It still not working.
  6. Yes I tried to do what was in the post. I even tried to add the line in SMB Extra without any luck at all. My syslog is not even showing me error. Is there a way to know if my syslog is logging the smb ? I've also done the group policy AND the registry entry without success. And yes, I always use \\192.168.1.x but for the context I was saying \\TOWER. I can't understand why it's not working.
  7. I wanted to say first that I really appreciate the time you take to help me out. I've tried to change all parameters in the advanced sharing option without luck. I'm using win10 pro so I went to gpedit to add the lanman to configured (and even tried in regedit) without luck. I've tried installing SMB1.0, SMB Direct, adding a user/pass in windows credentials = no luck. I've used lanscan.exe to see my network and it can see "TOWER" using the lan ip that I gave it (192.168.1.x) with WORKGROUP and MASTER parameter. Still, I am not able to access it directly with windows exp
  8. I have set multiple share to "public" and some to "private" with username/password the same as my windows. I can't access any share at all. Windows explorer is not finding "Tower". The error I get is : 0x80070035 The network path was not found. I can ping tower, I can connect with FTP, I can access the GUI and the VM in my unraid setup is able to access my share. The Local Master SMB is set to WORKGROUP and my computer is at WORKGROUP by default.
  9. I have the same exact issues. I was using Windows 10 2004 and not able to see my share. Then, I upgraded to 20H2 and I still have the same problem. Tried everything and nothing is working. I tried with an other computer and it's not seeing the \\tower. I can ping the internal IP. I have a Windows VM in unraid and it can access the share. My main windows 10 can access that VM in Network. I'll take any help. Thank you