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  1. Thank you. That makes sense. And I do see that in the install instructions. I guess I missed it on setup. It does look like it failed on the save that would have been right as the mover was starting.
  2. it is configured to 'Yes' This is the second time it happened. Both times it ran saves through the day just fine then got to around 1:10am local time and stopped.
  3. So I have an interesting problem and I am not sure where to go with it. I am running a Valheim server and twice now shortly after 1 am it has stopped saving and backing up. if I log in with an admin account and tell it to save it doesn't allow a manual save either. I just realized it this time but last time the final save was corrupt as well. Has anyone experienced this or know how I can avoid it? some extra that might be helpful: The group decided that it would be best to start with a clean world between and I removed the image and started with a fresh container. If I stop and start it after it stops saving it doesn't attempt to reload the save it starts a new one. if I try and reload from the last backup it reloads the structures but appears to be on a different seed? the buildings are there but the terrain is different and there are trees in the water. The game continues running just fine after the saving and backing up stops it just won't allow you to save anymore which isn't good if the system needs to be restarted. attached are the most resent log from when it wouldn't save and my start script
  4. Nope no problems. With the upgrade atleat. Just have to figure out the ram problem now. I'm trying to work with the manufacturer on that but there response times are bad right now.
  5. managed to have a few free moments today and I was able to upgrade to 6.8.3 just fine
  6. I haven't even gotten a chance to try yet. I ended up rolling back to 6.8.0 and found that I had memory problems just finally got those figured out enough to move on to other things I hope that the ram was also my problem though. I did try to upgrade last night and the check for updates button seems to be missing from my upgrade os menu. So that will be the next thing I will have to figure out.
  7. I know this has been a bit. Took quite a bit of testing to narrow down the problem. My system is stable as long as I only have 2 sticks of ram slotted all the chips are fine as long as I don't have more then 2 in the system. I have tried two different CPUs and get the same behavior with both. There was a bios update released so I updated and tried again and didn't get any change. I still have not been able to find the ram speed so I have reached out to the motherboard manufacture for assistance. For the moment running okay with 16gb or ram. Hopefully I will be able to get the upgrade taken care of at some point. Also switched out the cooler from the stock amd cooler too so now I can get to ram slot b2 without removing the cpu which should make testing much quicker. let me know if you have any other ideas. Thanks so far
  8. Got it. I will dig closer into the ram speed sometime in the next week or so. all of my data is really well backed up and back to the world of work now so my tinker time is much more limited but i will work on playing with those ram tests and trying to find the ram speed. Let you guys know what I find.
  9. I can't find anything about xmp in my bios i don't think my server board supports it (ASRockRack X470D4U2-2T). That isn't something that would ship on by default though is it? I did find there is a bios update available so I guess that is actually my next step. I got an email from someone responding to this thread stating my ram is overclocked but I don't see the comment hear. the mb wouldn't do this by default would it? I did finally find the DRAM Timing config tab in my bios but it has a scary you might break your hardware if you mess with these settings do you wish to proceed button. Since I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to system clocks I really don't want to go in there if I can avoid it. Thanks for your help so far everyone.
  10. All settings on my system are stock. 4 ram chips from the qlc list. I will pull half the chips and rerun the tests with different combinations till the error is corrected.
  11. Memtest has been running through the night and has found errors. I'm not exactly sure how to read this or how long i should leave it running for.
  12. so the error correcting run that was going when I posted last has finished. I'm running a non correcting now. it is looking like it has a comparable number of errors to before the error correcting run. but I saw a post about a possibility that it might have misread the first one and now it might be finding errors that were introduced by the correcting run? will run another non correcting after this and see if they post the same info. If they are the same i will run another correcting run and start over. Will let you know what turns out.
  13. Okay I will do that. My ram isn't over clocked. Also don't know if it is relevant but it seems that all or most of the parity errors were in the first 10ish% of the drive when i went to bed it was around 10% done and was at just shy of 3000 errors now just after waking up it is at 3500 errors and 86% done. be default does it correct parity errors? if so then it is probably going to be fixed (hopefully) could the repeated failure to boot cause this kind of problem? Will definitely run a few more non correcting checks though and let you know what comes up.
  14. I had this exact same problem upgrading to 6.8.2
  15. So I have something seriously strange going on. Let me start by saying that I did have another issue that was at/around the same time and I'm not sure if they are connected that was connected to motherboard settings that can be found hear But the reboot that happened to be the one that caused me to find that problem was when I rebooted to finish the install to 6.8.2. side note I rebuilt my flash drive with a clean install of Unraid and pasted in over my config file when trying to troubleshoot that problem. After I got to booting again I was having trouble with kernel panics so I uninstalled a bunch of plugins and turned off all my dockers, that helped for a boot or two but was definitely not stable found a suggestion to rebuild my flash drive and copy over my config file I tried that but had no luck I think I got it up a time or two in safe mode. Finally i reverted back to a backup of my flash drive that is 6.8.0 and the problem was fixed. I upgraded to 6.8.2 and again kernel panics. So reverted back uninstalled plugins and upgraded... still no luck. so now I'm back to my 6.8.0 and I'm not sure what to do about that but the more pressing problem at this point i have a lot of parity errors and I'm really new to Unraid still so I'm not sure what my next step should be. I am sure there is some kind of corruption somewhere in either my os backup or one of my dockers because when i was trying to stop the dockers three of my processor cores pegged to 100% and got stuck there and the system became unresponsive when trying to load the dashboard or the docker tab and the cpu started heating up outside of it's normal operating temp (not overheating just hotter then it normally runs on Unraid I saw parity errors in that run and had to perform a dirty shutdown to get any kind of system responsiveness again. now the parity check is running again and is not even as far as it was before the lockup and it has found as many errors as it did in the first pass. attached is my diagnostics report. I hope someone might be able to give me some advice on what to do next. Sorry for the novel I wasn't sure what would be relevant and not.