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  1. 楼上清空缓存正解~
  2. 在你的emby中添加path映射,比如电影,你可以在emby中映射的/movie目录,然后UNRIAD找到turenas目录就好了
  3. Hello, thanks for your working. But I have some issues using Jellyfin. Once I finished the installation and open the WebUI, it will get stucked. The error log as below: [2021-03-10 20:35:25.612 +08:00] [INF] [83] Jellyfin.Api.Auth.CustomAuthenticationHandler: AuthenticationScheme: "CustomAuthentication" was challenged. [2021-03-10 20:35:25.612 +08:00] [INF] [81] Jellyfin.Api.Auth.CustomAuthenticationHandler: "CustomAuthentication" was not authenticated. Failure message: "Invalid token." [2021-03-10 20:35:25.612 +08:00] [INF] [81] Jellyfin.Api.Auth.CustomAuthenticationHandler: "
  4. 显卡驱动已经加载, Plex硬件解码没有问题,但是Jellyfin一开硬件解码播放视频就报错。有人有同样的问题么?
  5. Thanks for your reply. It is a remote download machine which include a 1T HDD. To avoid the HDD fulled, I want to make the UNRAID move the files to the array automatically. I have installed the Unassigned Devices plugin and mount the SMB network to UNRAID and how could I do this?
  6. Hello! I have a Samba share system, I want to move the files to the array at a specific time. Is there any plugin can do this? Thanks.