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  1. I currently have 80gb ddr3 ecc but getting ready to move systems to 32gb ddr4 non ecc
  2. No i am not, I enabled it in the event that I wanted to experiment with a os.
  3. I'm getting out of memory errors on my unraid server even though the server has 40gb of ecc memory in it. Every few days or so I have to restart the server (Hp DL380 g7) The server currently has only 2 dockers running on it (duckdns and openvpn) I've tried using the tips and tweaks plugin to adjust the Disk Cache 'vm.dirty_background_ratio' (%) and the Disk Cache 'vm.dirty_ratio' (%) each time I get the out of memory error. Am I missing/overlooking something? moseley-diagnostics-20200308-2306.zip