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  1. Installation of the Plug-in seems to complete successfully. I'm able to open the plugin, and my drives are listed. I was able to Preclear one disk as a test. But, if I reboot the system, the plugin is gone as if it was never there. If I reinstall, the same thing happens. Trying to open the log from within the plugin yields an empty file. I'm still pretty new to Unraid. Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong? or another location I should look for an error or other installation log? Trying to figure it out myself here, but not sure where to start. Thank you.
  2. That is wonderful! I was just thinking I wanted this, and here you post about it. By next Rev though, are you talking 6.8.4, or 6.9 or 7.0? I'm still a newb here and don't know the versioning structure. Thank you
  3. Thanks! I also just something in the User Scripts help thread. Says Nerd Tools includes Expect so I can use that as the interpreter with User Scripts. My Search Fu on the Unraid forums isn't very good yet, I guess!
  4. I'm about halfway through my Unraid trial, and loving it! I currently have a low power Atom machine dedicated to turning the other hardware in my home office (servers, switches, etc.) on/off each day via scripts using Expect, a program that allows for unattended interactive script execution. I'm hoping to retire the Atom box and consolidate this functionality into my Unraid installation, but am unsure the best method? I know Expect is available in Slackware. But reading posts here, it seems that it wouldn't be an easy thing to add Expect, and its dependencies, to Unraid for execution of the scripts via Cron? I think this leaves me with running an OS, like Ubuntu or Debian, in a Docker or VM to execute the scripts? Is there another option I've missed? If a Docker or VM, is there a clear choice in terms of lower resource overhead? For my use case, I 'd only be using the Docker/VM to execute short scripts to SSH into other hardware several times a day. The Unraid system itself is set up as a file server, with a low power Xeon, and 8GB RAM, so I'm thinking that I'll want the option that requires the least resources. Thank you!