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  1. i can't thank you enough for this plugin. this is the only FTP plugin or docker app that i could find that actually works. other apps worked inconsistently, allowed FTP users root access event though they were configured to only use a specific folder, stored files in the "appdata" folder instead of a share, etc. they are all terrible. except this one. this is a god send. thank you i'm using this to record surveillance camera footage about a dozen cameras in 4 different locations. using unraid 6.11.0. webserver doesn't work but i don't care. was never going to use it anyway.
  2. it appears that i was doing something wrong, i didn't check the EUFI box. i didn't know it was there. oops thank you
  3. hello. sorry to hijack a thread, but why does the media creator put the dash there? i created unraid drives before and this didn't happen before, but it started happening now. i tried making the unraid media on at least 5 different computers and probably a dozen flash drives. and it kept happening. i didn't notice the dash until i read this. removing the dash got me in business. why is it happening now but wasn't happening before? am i doing something wrong?
  4. thank you for taking the time to answer my Qs, but this seems like a work around rather than a solution. i would have never imagined such a limitation. i've been spoiled by synology and QNAP, but i don't want to pay for their hardware anymore. looks like i'm better off getting a HighPoint SSD7120 controller and let it run my nvme drives in RAID6. thanks again.
  5. i don't get it. how does that help me? is there a way to tell it to keep certain folders on the fast storage at all times?
  6. hello, i'm trying to build a NAS with 2 arrays, one with nvme drives and another with spinning rust. i have one array working but can't see a way to create a second. i saw some posts regarding this from 2+ years ago saying you can't do it. is this still the case?