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  1. This is exactly what I’m seeing. Been trying for hours! Did you find a solution?
  2. Looks like the character ! is an issue in passwords? When filling in the following command and running it i get a bash error "docker run -it --rm --network host --env user=user --env user_id=1000 --env group=admins --env group_id=1010 --env apple_id="" --env apple_password="PASSWORD" --volume /mnt/user/appdata/icloudpd:/config boredazfcuk/icloudpd" -bash: !ng: event not found "!ng" is a small part of my password, trying to escape the ! with a backslash (\!ng) within the password string allows it to work but then i all sorts of other pytho
  3. There is a docker (invoice plane) on that I would like to use on my unRAID machine but nobody has created a unRAID template for it. Can somebody give me some information on how I could go about using it? Do I need to create a template and then host on my own GitHub or can I just configure it without having a template at all. If there are any guides/tutorials that would be great. Thanks
  4. Sorry for digging up a bit of an old thread but im having this problem. When i run getfattr -d /mnt/user0/ i get this as a reply. /mnt/user0/: Exec format error /mnt/user0/: Exec format error /mnt/user0/: Exec format error /mnt/user0/: Exec format error /mnt/user0/: Exec format error /mnt/user0/: Exec format error Would really like to get the ca
  5. Any update on this. I think I'm seeing the same issue. Currently running 5.0rc4 (i think) on a HP ML110 G7 via esxi 5.0 emhttp is still running but i can't access the webGUI..... Charlie