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  1. I've just updated the containers template to work with keyring authentications by default. This way it is a lot easier to configure. Can you try to create the container again using the new template? At minimum you need to provide you Apple ID and configure the "Data" path. Also make sure to place the ".mounted" file in this folder. For info check: https://hub.docker.com/r/boredazfcuk/icloudpd/
  2. A problem with host passthrough. Spaceinvader One made a video about it a few days ago.
  3. Running on a 3700X here. I can confirm this bug is fixed.
  4. noVNC gives me an error on all VMs. SyntaxError: The requested module './util/strings.js' does not provide an export named 'encodeUTF8'
  5. I noticed CloudMounter uses a local cache. Hence the blazing 1300Mbps...
  6. I also have this problem. I get around 36Mbps speed directly to the cache disk share or to a user share that uses the cache. But when I mount the /mnt/user with CloudMounter using SFTP. I get around 1300!! Mbps. That is a 36x speed difference. Both tests from a Mac using LAN SpeedTest using a 500mb file.
  7. Maybe an album with a special character that causes issues??
  8. Leuk! Mocht er hulp nodig zijn met vertalen dan wil ik wel helpen. Mijn build staat in m'n signature. Die heb ik gisteren besteld nadat m'n 11j oude bak de geest gegeven heeft.🙁
  9. Hi all! Looking for some feedback on a new server build. CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Boxed Board: Asrock Rack X470D4U2-2T Adapter card: Delock 62961 M.2 to 2x SATA Case: Inter-Tech IPC 2U-2408 Cable: Inter-Tech CobaNitrox SFF-8087 to 4X SATA crossover Cooler: Noctua NH-L12S RAM: 2x Samsung M391A4G43MB1-CTD (32GB ECC UDIMM) PSU: Seasonic OEM SS-500L2U 500W 80+ Gold Mounting: 2U 19in Steel Vertical Wall Mount Equipment Rack Bracket Total cost: €1500 I already have: 5x HGST Ultrastar He10 (SATA 6Gbps, 512e SE), 10TB
  10. Yeah, I know... Should have saved diags before shutting down.
  11. A few weeks ago (I think drive 1) got some read errors. I thought this maybe was a problem with a cable or something as the drive SMART test are all fine. So I decided to rebuild the array using the same drive and all was well until yesterday. I woke up with two drives with read errors... As I didn't had time to look at this I turn off the server and turn it back on when I got home from work. I decided to run Extended SMART tests on all drives. These all finished with no errors. Hardware CPU: i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz Mobo: ASUSTeK Computer INC. - P8Z68-V
  12. If I'm not mistaking it first scans and creates the folder structure. After this is done it will download the files.
  13. This error seems to be fixed in the update from last night.