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  1. Ok, thanks Itimpl, still have the warnings, even with "0" in the field, which should disable it. I put the emails in spam and waiting for an UNRAID update then
  2. Thanks, i edited my post with the diagnotic !
  3. Hello everyone, For the last ten days, Unraid sends me two warnings/mails per day (x10 drives !!!) because of disks on high usage, which is incorrect. And the next minute, another warning saying that everything return to normal utilization. It seems to started unexpectedly, everything was working good, and i don't think i made any change. Do you know how can i avoid it ? Thanks !
  4. Hello all, I use Unraid 6.9.1. On a 4Tb drive, i setup a Time Machine share for my mac : Then, i configured the Share as follow : In Krusader, my TimeMachine folder excess the 2Tb limit : On my mac, i have another values, but still above 2Tb : Notice also that macOS reported 2.1 To available instead of 400Go as reported by Unraid. Does the TimeMachine limit isn't respected ? Did i miss something, like between Tb and Tib and maybe To ? I know that for years, when you bought a 4Tb drive, you only usually get 3.6Tb of space. I understand that recently, macOS shows a 4Tb drive as a "real 4Tb" drive, and consequently, report larger file than in Windows to compensate. Is that the same case here ? Did i miss something ? Thank you ! K.
  5. Hello JorgeB, Thanks for the quick reply ! Ok, then i cannot add 2 pools of 2 SSDs with my Plus licence (already have 2 partity + 8 disks). I knew i needed to take the Pro licence directly haha ! Nevermind, UNRAID deserve my money, it is so great ! Thank you
  6. Hello everyone, I discover the "Pool" feature of UNRAID, and i would like to be sure of its functionning. I think i have no need of a Cache Pool (Parity : two mechanical drives with 1Gbps local network), but i may use Pool feature for : - UNRAID docker (appdata, domains, isos and system folders) - VMs I was thinking of two Pools (for Docker and for VMs) then, with each time two 256gb SSDs. 1/ To be sure : if my pool contains two SSDs, it will use a sort of "mirror raid", so if one SSD fails, i can still manage to rebuild the data ? Right now, i use "VM Backup" to backup my VMs (on a single SSD Pool) in the array, and my Docker files are inside the array. 2/ Each disk inside a pool did not count in the array limit ? (12 drives in my case). Thanks !
  7. Hello,


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  8. Hello Squid and thanks for the quick answer. 1/ SSD : i didn't know about VM backup plugin, and i guess it can do the job. 2/ Cache Pool : I understand that it is the best choice. Only interrogation i have left is about Mover. From what i read, it is said that the mover do not "move" the file in use, and i guess the vdisk will always be in use. So, it seems good in you have 2 SSD in cache pool with protection, but not so good if you use only one SSD, so without protection. Or i use one SSD in Cache Pool along side with VM backup plugin ? That seems to be the good solution ? Thanks !
  9. Hello, I have a UNRAID server with 10 mechanical drives (and different "quality", replace the old ones one by one). As noticed, the write on the array rarely exceed 80Mb/s, so my 1Gb/s network is never the bottleneck. Right now, my VM is inside the array and i would like to move it to a spare SSD i have. I don't really know what is the best pratice : - Unassigned device with rsync backuping it every night on the array - Cache pool only for VMs (did it move everynight inside the array ?) - The new "pool" feature i don't really fully understand yet ? I don't want to lose the array protection, even if it is only every 24h, like daily backup without shuting down the VM. Thanks. Thanks !
  10. Ok, so i manage to solve all of that. For record : - the main problem was indeed IOMMU not enable in the bios. - i then needed to set "PCIe ACS override:" (Settings > VMs Manager) to "Both" (previously "Multi-function" was enough). - i noticed that i have a user-script (Plugin : "User Scripts") to unplug my CG from UNRAID which launch when i start the array : #!/bin/bash echo 0 > /sys/class/vtconsole/vtcon0/bind echo 0 > /sys/class/vtconsole/vtcon1/bind echo efi-framebuffer.0 > /sys/bus/platform/drivers/efi-framebuffer/unbind Do not know if it help but... - Then, when i started VMs, Unraid crashes ("flash device error" & Parity 1 disable). After searching a while, i ended up deleting libvirt.img and recreate it as i suspect some comflict between my previous hardware (intel based) and my new hardware (AMD based). - Finally, i need to recreate my VMs using the old virtual drive and everything was good. Thank you all for your help !! Keichi
  11. Yes, i did that. Have some trouble to boot the bios after, did a CMOS reset, maybe that is when the IOMMU setting was reset. I wil try again. VM passtrough with GPU is one of my favorite feature in UNRAID, i definitely need to fix that ^^' Well, docker too. Unraid in global in fact.
  12. IOMMU groups are supposed to be displayed on the page i screenshot. After a quick verification, IOMMU is disable Don't know why, i enable it in the BIOS. I will wait five hours to my partiy sync finished and enable it again to see if it work better What did you mean by "stub" ? (Sorry, i am French and the translation did not help me)
  13. Hello, Thanks for the fast reply ! Yes, SpaceInvader is the Bible of UNRAID. Last year i try the dump vbios / edit hex and it didin't work. I find another way without it. Probably simpler. Right now, i didn't see my GC in Unraid so, that is sort of the problem