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  1. Selling on eBay:
  2. All these drives, except for the 3TB drive (which is still under warranty for a long time), have been pre-cleared at least twice before I used them in my NAS. Drives have been securely erased after pulling out the NAS. 2TB: 3TB:
  3. Selling it on eBay: Also, selling a couple monoprice forward breakout cables as well:
  4. Selling it on eBay:
  5. For sale on eBay: Starting bid is $45.
  6. Can one hook up this thing via USB to unraid and do a preclear on it for say three passes. If it passes then you could just RIP it out of the external case and install it in the array.
  7. Figures... I bought one from amazon yesterday... I would have preferred to got it from Newegg as all my other drives are from them. Now I have to remember this one was from amazon! Be glad you got it from Amazon as that one has a three year warranty--versus the two year warranty with the one newegg is selling. My boyfriend picked up a 2TB from Amazon the same day they went on sell for $99.. can't beat that $99 tax free--free shipping. He's contributing it to the unraid array
  8. I got sandisk cruzer fit 4gb for like $7
  9. Nice deal @ $99 w/ no taxes or shipping Beats the $99 + taxes best buy was just offering a week or two ago. However only three year warranty versus five year warranty But 3 years isn't so bad--could of been worse at 2 years or 1 year!
  10. Yeah I'd like to eventually go with a rackmount 20+ drive bay system like the Norco for my NAS. I need the single drive bay for my client pc -- to pop in a hd for rsync mirror backups to then take off site.
  11. Looking for a trayless 5 1/4" bay for 3.5" hard drives that has a molex power connector (instead of sata power connector which comes loose easily). I would also like one that has a couple mini cooling fans in the back if possible. Does anyone know of anything like this? I've seen the $15 one at monoprice and it looks good but I really want the molex power connector and fans in the back.
  12. Hrm, I just looked up the performance of this particular drive on PassMark and its score is 560. The 7200 RPM 750GB WD Scorpio Black 2.5" hard drive got a score of 764--but it's like $100 The only reason I mentioned this is because I was looking at performance of 2.5" hard disks last night because I want one for my desktop. (I have this little 4 bay 2.5" raid cage--fits in 5 1/4" drive bay).This little 750GB I mentioned is faster than my WD Black 3.5" 7200RPM 1TB drive which got a score of around 650.
  13. Personally for me: a Mac OS X Lion or Windows 7 client boot, system & applications storage device. I have my users directory and data on a HDD.
  14. Btw, for $74.99 after rebate, at newegg, the 90gb version of these are available with free shipping. I just paid $105 the other day for a 90gb corsair force 3 and thought I got a good deal, lol.
  15. I'm at home and a couple hours ago I saw them for $89.... now they are at $119.