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  1. Selling on eBay:
  2. All these drives, except for the 3TB drive (which is still under warranty for a long time), have been pre-cleared at least twice before I used them in my NAS. Drives have been securely erased after pulling out the NAS. 2TB: 3TB:
  3. Selling it on eBay: Also, selling a couple monoprice forward breakout cables as well:
  4. Selling it on eBay:
  5. For sale on eBay: Starting bid is $45.
  6. Can one hook up this thing via USB to unraid and do a preclear on it for say three passes. If it passes then you could just RIP it out of the external case and install it in the array.
  7. Figures... I bought one from amazon yesterday... I would have preferred to got it from Newegg as all my other drives are from them. Now I have to remember this one was from amazon! Be glad you got it from Amazon as that one has a three year warranty--versus the two year warranty with the one newegg is selling. My boyfriend picked up a 2TB from Amazon the same day they went on sell for $99.. can't beat that $99 tax free--free shipping. He's contributing it to the unraid array
  8. I got sandisk cruzer fit 4gb for like $7
  9. Nice deal @ $99 w/ no taxes or shipping Beats the $99 + taxes best buy was just offering a week or two ago. However only three year warranty versus five year warranty But 3 years isn't so bad--could of been worse at 2 years or 1 year!
  10. Yeah I'd like to eventually go with a rackmount 20+ drive bay system like the Norco for my NAS. I need the single drive bay for my client pc -- to pop in a hd for rsync mirror backups to then take off site.
  11. Looking for a trayless 5 1/4" bay for 3.5" hard drives that has a molex power connector (instead of sata power connector which comes loose easily). I would also like one that has a couple mini cooling fans in the back if possible. Does anyone know of anything like this? I've seen the $15 one at monoprice and it looks good but I really want the molex power connector and fans in the back.
  12. Hrm, I just looked up the performance of this particular drive on PassMark and its score is 560. The 7200 RPM 750GB WD Scorpio Black 2.5" hard drive got a score of 764--but it's like $100 The only reason I mentioned this is because I was looking at performance of 2.5" hard disks last night because I want one for my desktop. (I have this little 4 bay 2.5" raid cage--fits in 5 1/4" drive bay).This little 750GB I mentioned is faster than my WD Black 3.5" 7200RPM 1TB drive which got a score of around 650.
  13. Personally for me: a Mac OS X Lion or Windows 7 client boot, system & applications storage device. I have my users directory and data on a HDD.
  14. Btw, for $74.99 after rebate, at newegg, the 90gb version of these are available with free shipping. I just paid $105 the other day for a 90gb corsair force 3 and thought I got a good deal, lol.
  15. I'm at home and a couple hours ago I saw them for $89.... now they are at $119.
  16. They approved the RMA and said they'd take it back with scratches on it. (They require you take a picture of it and email them and wait for approval from another department.) They supplied me with a prepaid return shipping label. I am guessing they won't refund me the original shipping of $10--I'll find that out later.
  17. Whenever I have to shutdown the system I always first stop the array with the webgui, then i do the shutdown from the webgui as well. However it would not unmount the volumes no matter what I tried. I wanted to do some sort of shutdown on the system instead of just powering it off so I logged into the console and shut it down there with a "reboot" command. Is there some other script I could try running instead of "reboot" if it comes to this again?
  18. Where is this power down script in case I need to shut it down from the console--i.e. if it won't unmount from the webgui.
  19. Oh that's an option--to download the manual; I'll give that a go thanks Btw, been doing some research and learned about ivy bridge. I might just wait for a good z77 board and get the i7 3770.. .. so fast! much faster than sandy bridge.
  20. Btw, when I shut it down it wouldn't not unmount the disks .. it kept trying over and over.. shut down all the clients and it kept trying.. then I finally went to the console and logged in and typed reboot. Then powered it down after it rebooted. did the maintenance and powered it back up and took forever to mount disk2. (and all those reads/writes to disk2 and parity drive occured).
  21. btw it also started a parity check automatically without asking me.
  22. okay, it finally started up but not without writing around 5000 blocks to disk2 and the parity drive.. wow. The array consists of parity drive, disk1 and disk2.
  23. I shutdown the server to do some maintenance .. to move a drive cage back a bit so the fan cleared the front bezels. I started it back up and clicked the button to start the array. It's trying to start up and disk2 says it is still trying to mount.. I see reads AND WRITES (wth?) happening to both disk2 and the parity drive while this is trying to mount.. I dont' understand this.. what's going on sigh.