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  1. My server is called Tower (maybe that's true for everyone? I'm kind of new to all this), and after playing with this a bit more, putting "Tower" in the Host boxes allowed Sonarr/Radarr to find qBittorrent! I'm not sure why the IP wouldn't work, but regardless this is taken care of. Thank you @binhex for all you do for this community!
  2. @binhex LAN_NETWORK is set to in qbittorrentvpn
  3. Hello @binhex and others, I have been successfully using Sonarr+Radarr+Deluge for a while now, but for a variety of reasons I recently tried to switch from Deluge to qBittorrent. I have qBittorrent installed and can access it, download, etc successfully. However when I try to add as a Download Client in Sonarr or Radarr (or presumably Lidarr) I get the error "Unknown exception: Failed to connect to qBittorrent, check your settings." This is no doubt an issue with my configuration of qBittorrent because Deluge worked without issue previously, but I cannot figure this out. Could some
  4. I've used this container for years without issue, today when I try to access the GUI, I'm stuck in a loop of "There was an error signing in" and I am unable to access my Plex library. The Library itself is still accessible from my clients, but I am unable to log in on my Unraid server itself. I tried the above suggestion of changing the repository to linuxserver/plex:amd64- to no avail. Any other suggestions?