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  1. For your third card (980) you could use a pci-e cable. These are about 30 to 40 Euro. I would like to know, how you configured your two gpus and your two vms. I am planing to buy a new system, a beefy one. What were the needed steps to get the two GPUs work? Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't know, where, when and whom this happened , but there are two problems and a kind of workaround. First add to your Container a new variable named "PAPERLESS_OCR_LANGUAGES" . You see the additinal 'S' at the end of the name. Set both 'PAPERLESS_OCR_LANGUAGES' and 'PAPERLESS_OCR_LANGUAGE' to only one language. In your case that should be 'deu' without the quotes. I hadn't enough time to test other combinations, but this worked for me. I hope this will help you Michael