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  1. Yeah that's what I did with "/mnt/disk2/gameservers/garrysmod" I might try it looking into it again at a later date. But I got it working with the unassigned devices, so I am just going to roll with that setting up my servers for now.
  2. So I setup a spare USB drive as an Unassigned drive and it's now all working. Thanks a for your help with this. It's a shame I can't run the server with parity. But just having it running as a docker is much better than running a VM just for it.
  3. I tried going with "/mnt/disk1/gameservers/gmod" same errors appearing. I even made sure to go into gameservers share and set it to only include disk1 and exclude other discs. Still no dice. However upon installing it again I now have these messages upon downloading gmod: Success! App '4020' fully installed. /data/src/common/pipes.cpp (774) : Assertion Failed: stalled cross-thread pipe /data/src/clientdll/steamclient.cpp (806) : Assertion Failed: bufRet.TellPut() == sizeof(uint8) CWorkThreadPool::~CWorkThreadPool: work complete queue not empty, 5 items discarded. CWorkThreadPoo
  4. Oh sorry I missed the question about the cache drive. No I don't have a cache drive. Are these the settings you are refereeing to?
  5. I'm running unraid 6.8.3 Didn't change any of the settings. Just left default. One thing I noted is in the error it reference AppID 4000 which is the ID for Garry's Mod rather than 4020 which is the dedicated server AppID. The default setting is still correctly set to 4020. Don't know if this is related or not.
  6. Hi, I am having trouble getting the gmod docker up and running. I keep getting segment faults. tcmalloc: large alloc 4293050368 bytes == (nil) @ tcmalloc: large alloc 4293050368 bytes == (nil) @ tcmalloc: large alloc 4293050368 bytes == (nil) @ Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 4000 tcmalloc: large alloc 4293050368 bytes == (nil) @ Segmentation fault Add "-debug" to the /serverdata/serverfiles/srcds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem Tue 15 Sep 2020 10:23:18 PM NZST: Server restart in 10 seconds I tried adding the -debug line and I get this: