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  1. I had the same issue when testing this out. Just use the IP address or FQDN in the URL. Don't include http, https, www, etc. For example, if your URL for Sonarr is, just use, without the https://
  2. First, thanks for creating this. It's exactly what I've been trying to accomplish. With regards to the mv permissions issue, it seems the log file is locking the .hidden directory: # lsof +D .20210216_191026/ COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME tee 10992 root 4w REG 0,152 42261 1376475 .20210216_191026/backup.log Any idea how to prevent this?
  3. Yatzee!! Thanks man. This was driving me nuts.
  4. Some additional information. I ran New Permissions once more, and it seemed to run through everything and reset all permissions correctly. Still no love. I then shutdown the server and moved the usb from an internal USB3 slot to an external USB2 slot, hoping that somehow USB3 was causing issues. No love. Also, dockers are able to access the mappings just fine. I have plex up and running from /mnt/user/Media with no issues. I'm at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. To my knowledge, they were having issues mounting shares in OSX, and they may have tried a idea what parameters, though. I have stopped and started the array, and rebooted.
  6. I have a user who brilliantly decided to play with the linux shares in /mnt/user/. So, now, all user shares no longer show in the GUI, and are not accessible via SMB. I do still see the shares in the CLI, just not the GUI. I'm thinking permissions are screwed up, but I'm not exactly sure how. I tried running New Permissions, but not luck. Here's what I see: