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  1. I understand that the combination of a LSI SAS controller card and Segate Iron Wolf hard drives have spin up issues with the current release of Unraid. Anyone have a recommendation for a different brand of SAS controller card that works with version 6.9? Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. Do you have a non LSI controller you would recommend?
  3. Does any one know if or when this issue will be fixed in Unraid? My install consists of 8 Seagate 8 TB Iron wolf drives, two are used for parity. i have two 2TB SSD drives used as cache. I started with Unraid 6.8.3 and all worked great. I updated to 6.9.1 in April and all worked great until I shutdown to install a couple of unassigned drives for miscellaneous use. When I restarted one of my parity drives and three data pool drives refused to start. I posted and for help and found this was a common issue for users with Seagate drives. I decided to roll back to 6.8 and wait for a future version that fixed this issue. Thanks for your help.
  4. Looking closer at the startup log file I attached earlier, I noticed line 23 "Jan 8 22:47:10 Behemouth root: Fix Common Problems: Warning: ca.mover.tuning.plg Not Compatible with unRaid version 6.8.3" . Could this be the issue? How can I check Squid's reference about ...tuning.php. I understand php quite well, I was a developer and Project Manager for a large Electric Utility company for 30 years and developed a lot of applications for them, mostly in php. Mike.
  5. This is the response from the cat command: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Linux 4.19.107-Unraid. root@Behemouth:~# cat /etc/unraid-version version="6.8.3" root@Behemouth:~# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have not had any other "weird" errors pop up before this error. The gibberish looks to me like something generated from a HTML web page, as a footer perhaps? How do I fix this? Would this be a good time to "Upgrade" to version 6.9? I saw where it was at RC 2 now. How stable is it? I only really use the storage features, run 2 VM's (Ubuntu and Windows) regularly and a few Dockers. Thanks for the quick reply. Mike.
  6. I have have been using Unraid 6.8.3 Pro for a while now and all has been great... until today. I have been cleaning up my data and thought this would be a good time to restart the array. I followed my normal procedure: 1. Stop all VM's and Dockers. 2. Stop the array. 3. Shutdown Unraid. I added a couple new disks to preclear before adding them to the array, When I restarted, I got the below error: " Array Started•Warning: version_compare() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/parity.check.tuning/parity.check.tuning.php on line 949∞ °F∞ °FUnraid® webGui ©2020, Lime Technology, Inc. manual unRAID FAQ Docker FAQ VM FAQ Forum Videos Updating all Containers". Everything seems to work ok, but I am concerned about the reference to parity.check.tining.php on line 949. I also can't make sense of the words after the error. I submitted my current hardware profile and attached the log I have after reboot. Thanks for any help you may offer. Mike. LogAfterReboot.txt
  7. I used the repair function associated with the unmountable disk (Disk1) with -v switch which yielded the results posted in my previous post. What now? how do I mount this disk so it can reply the metadata which will hopefully allow an easy fix.
  8. Ok, I ran the xfs_repair with the -v switch. this returned: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... bad primary superblock - bad magic number !!! attempting to find secondary superblock... .found candidate secondary superblock... verified secondary superblock... writing modified primary superblock - block cache size set to 4607824 entries sb realtime bitmap inode 18446744073709551615 (NULLFSINO) inconsistent with calculated value 129 resetting superblock realtime bitmap ino pointer to 129 sb realtime summary inode 18446744073709551615 (NULLFSINO) inconsistent with calculated value 130 resetting superblock realtime summary ino pointer to 130 Phase 2 - using internal log - zero log... zero_log: head block 109496 tail block 109446 ERROR: The filesystem has valuable metadata changes in a log which needs to be replayed. Mount the filesystem to replay the log, and unmount it before re-running xfs_repair. If you are unable to mount the filesystem, then use the -L option to destroy the log and attempt a repair. Note that destroying the log may cause corruption -- please attempt a mount of the filesystem before doing this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do I force mount this disk to replay the metadata changes? Thanks in advance.
  9. Yes I was following the wiki instructions. I did not run the XFS repair tool. Do I do this from a shell command window? My disk is listed as "sdk" is that the device name? What command ... -v or -nv? This is new, want to be careful. Thanks for the quick reply!
  10. Also, I see two new VM's are missing from the VMS tab and Krusader is missing from the Docker tab.
  11. Unraid had be running for almost 6 days. II created 2 VM's One Ubuntu and one Windows. I created a separate user for each VM. Set passwords for both. Logged in and setup and configured both. I wanted to add a dedicated drive for them, so I shut down and added the drive. When I rebooted Disk 1 (4TB) did not mount. I Sopped the array and restarted in maintenance mode. I then ran the Filesystem Status check. It found my primary Super block was corrupted but the secondary was ok. It said I had to mount the drive for it to correct it. Also, I ran Preclear on all the drives in the array prior to use. I have never mounted any drives directly on my VM's. How do I mount the drive? If I have to reformat the drive, will I be able to recover the data on it? I am using "High Water" for write. I apologize if this is not the correct forum, I am a newbe. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Thanks. I am looking at the Apache-PHP docker by chvb.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Found the logout button. If you don't mind... Another Newbie question. I have a number of php driven web pages that use a mysql db for data management. What is the best way to host this setup on UNRAID? I can see that UNRAID already uses a webserver and a sql db. Can I use that, if so, how? Thanks again.