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  1. Could you upload your zip file if it's not too much to ask?
  2. Thanks I understand it a bit better now. Out of curiosity, what would happen if I set my movie share to say level 4?
  3. So after reading the wiki, I’ve figured my split levels are wrong. I still need help understanding it and setting it optimally for my shares. i have my media shares set up as the following: movies\movie name\movie file for this setup, if I want all movie names folder to be on the same disk until it has to move onto a second disk (high water), I would set it to level 1 or top level correct? If i have more than 1 file in the folder such as a .nfo file, would level 1 still work because split level only pertains to folders? for shows I have it on another sh
  4. Actually I should say I can still exchange the drive with bestbuy as it's still under their warranty window. I'll exchange it tomorrow. Thank you!
  5. Been running this drive for about a month or so and started seeing seek error rates in my SMART data. Should I be alarmed? I can still RMA the drive. qserver-smart-20200421-0030.zip
  6. I did try and it gave the same error What I ended up doing was start a new array with the 14tb drives and formatted them. Took down the array and started a new one with the 4 8tb drives with the newly formatted 14tb drives. It's syncing right now so it seems to be good to go!
  7. I've got 2 14tb drives mounted as unassigned and 4 8tb drives in an array. I moved all my data from the 14tb drives to the 8tb drives. I now need to add my 14tb drives to my array (one 14tb as parity). When I tried to do this I got this error: You may not add new disk(s) and also remove existing disk(s). What step am I missing? Also I would like to clear the 14tb drives of all data as well.
  8. I had the same issues some of you guys are having that is it was working perfectly fine then I messed around with it and my drop down list became empty. I finally got it fixed by deleting sensors.conf in /etc/sensors.d/ and then reinstalling dynamix. Then I ran into another problem where coretemp wasn't showing up in the list and I unloaded and reloaded the driver and that seem to have done the trick.
  9. Thanks! I have a better understanding of it now.
  10. That makes sense! If I'm to understand this correctly, the 14tb drives are just treated as seperate drives until I set up a parity drive correct? I don't have anything that's really irreplaceable but it would be a hassle to have to reacquire them.
  11. Currently have a Synology with 4x8tb drives running SHR1. Currently have about 15tb used. I have bought two new 14tb drives to put into my upcoming unraid build. Here's what I was planning to do: Install the two new 14tb drives without parity at first to have enough drive space for data from the synology Copy files from synology to unraid server Shut down synology and remove the 4x8tb hard drives Put the 4x8tb into unraid server and format Make one of the 14tb drives a parity drive Is this possible or is there a better