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    i219v issue

    hello, i have the same issue. may i know how to modify i219v to i219-LM via eeupdate ? thanks
  2. hello and good day. cpu: intel i7-9700 ( Intel® UHD Graphics 630) first: /boot/config/go already set to: modprobe i915 chmod -R 777 /dev/dri chown -R nobody:users /dev/dri root@unRAID:~# ls /dev/dri by-path/ card0 renderD128 then i try to install jellyfin docker and set it to have Video Acceleration API(VAAPI). jellyfin still cannot play video with hardware acceleration. ( tested one h264.mkv, one mpeg.ts) Chrome wanring: Playback Error There was an issue with the client profiling and the server isn't sending a compatible media format. Safari & ms edge: browser just black screen. anyone can help pls....... thanks in advance.