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  1. I have a fairly small setup compared to others, but am looking to add more responsibility to my Unraid server. My server has 16GB, but will be growing that in the future. 16GB currently handles everything that I use it for at the moment. I am using it mainly for Plex (well at least that is what gets used the most). Future Home Assistant type services will be added as well, which are running on my Raspberry Pi. Oh... yeah... I have a Minecraft server running on there too for my kids, but they seem to have moved on to Fortnite :/. Once this pandemic has moved on, I will probably start building out some sort of lancache for some fun little local lan parties at my house.
  2. This is my first post on the forums... and I just wanted to give some appreciation to binhex for his work. Your dockers have helped out tremendously!