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  1. No one even knows about the server other than me. It's possible this happened before the update to 6.9 and I just didn't notice so I wouldnt have the logs for that. The only other thing I played around with in the last few months was Syncthing to try and sync photos. That was before the update. Could that have been the culprit? At this point just trying to figure out what happened so I don't do it again.
  2. It's mostly the Documents and Documents_Old shares. No they don't show up from main.
  3. So I've been using Unraid for about a year and a half now. Never had a problem (except for my cache drive writing millions of times) so I decided to finally update to 6.9.2. Now I usually leave this alone because it's been rock solid. When I do get to work on it it's usually a series of nights over the course of a week. The update seemed to go fine and the server went through a reboot (unfortunately). My server was up for a over a year at this point. Right before this, a few weeks to a month, I switched over to SWAG from the old version and had issues with that but I finally got it working again. It just started working one day. I was also a bit behind on my Nextcloud installs so one of the first things I did after the update (I think) was start to update Nextcloud which had it's own issues. I had to go into the CLI to get to the next version a couple of times and I think I'm good for now on very 19 or 20 something. Last week I noticed I was missing some files. Nothing important and I thought maybe it was Nextcluod. Over the course of the week I did some more digging and a lot of my files are gone. I've tried through a Windows share, Linux share, and from Unraid itself via Krusader and through the Shares tab. The directory structure is still present but there are no files in the folders. It's not every folder but quite a few. Thankfully my family photos are still there which I will be backing up tomorrow. That's all I really care about but this is some important stuff missing. I've recently updated my passwords so I don't think anyone got in but who knows. The only good thing is that the disks seem to show that they still have the same amount of data on them even though the directories are mostly empty. I ran a ClamAV scan and there were zero errors. I did a parity check (no correction) and zero errors there too. In fact none of my parity checks had ever had an error. My next step was pulling the two drives that seem to have the majority of the data missing and see if I can rebuild them. (Drives 1 and 4). I figured I would post a help thread here first. I've attached my logs. Any help is appreciated. *** Also, this could have happened at any time since April. I know I saved files to a certain folder in April but other than I can't be sure.
  4. Looks like they put it on hold for a little while. The trick that worked for me, which was mentioned above, regarding the Supervisor container not running was to edit the Supervisor docker in advanced mode and add any letter or anything to the description. I will pull that container again and should restart fine. You may have to restart your HA docker as well. For now I am going to take daily snapshots in the event we need to switch sometime soon. I don't really want to but if Ihave to I can setup a VM of it and run it that way. Loosing the add-ons and supervisor would really suck.
  5. Just curious. Looking at the same setup almost as you with the x470d4u motherboard and a ryzen 1600af. Is that what you have and how is it working out?