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  1. Oktower-diagnostics-20190609-0725.zip
  2. I have had Plex running great for years. Not sure when but potentially after a HDD upgrade, Plex now cant see my Movie share. I can access other shares from Plex and windows sees and plays from the Movie share fine. The permission settings for all shares are the same, so I cant understand what is going on.... Any help very much appreciated..
  3. I'm all good the unRaid server is actually a HP MicroServer, the HPA partition was actually created on a separate system (Gigabyte) I was using for preclear operations prior to transition to MicroServer.
  4. Thanks for the help. Parity drive and data drive have been upgraded and array successfully restored. Came down to removing HPA partition and letting array rebuild. At this point the size was corrected to allow inclusion of new data drive.
  5. Heres the results, sdg is parity and sdb is new data drive. Seems sdg is a bit smaller (HPA impact?) I'll swap them around, after another parity synch. But will need to disable HPA on my machine (Gigabyte) prior. Btw: have a great XMAS.
  6. I'm attempting to upgraded my UnRaid (6.3.5) server HDD's. Previous Config: HP Microserver 4*2 TB Data drives and 2TB parity drive . Problem is after upgrading my Parity drive to 4TB the system is reporting "Disk in parity slot is not biggest." when I attempt to replace one of my data drives with a new 4TB drive (same make/model). As outlined above I had previously been using same size drives for my Parity and Data, without issue. Is this an issue with 6.3.5 or am I missing something? thanks
  7. I have been reading a lot in preparation of a HDD upgrade. One thing I need confirmation is: Can I remove my old parity drive and insert an upgraded parity drive and do a preclear on it. Ie is undertaking a preclear function on a new parity drive sensible whilst there is no functional parity drive in the array. Seems feasible to me Btw..My system is full and I cant add another drive without removal.
  8. I believe I may of consumed too my 'beverages' last night. I was fixated on seeing the 'Add' button without realizing the install option was ever present. I set "Docker Hub Searching" to yes and thought that enabled that option. Gone back to default settings now. Sorry for the curve ball.
  9. Ok thanks, changed setting to allow for install. thanks for a great product and the support.
  10. Sorry Squid is your response in relation to my question? I seem to be the last in the 'queue'.
  11. Sorry for the Rookie question. But after I inst all Community Applications, there is no "Add/Install" Apps.
  12. Used instructions for refresh install and copied across config folder. All works now, although still have reference to unmenu in some config file, that I would like to get rid of, as I no longer use it.
  13. Just remembered license is bound to USB device.. Any recommendations on how to resolve error message? thanks
  14. I have been using 5.0-rc11c for ages now and decided to upgrade to the latest stable version using these instructions. "5.0-rc9 through 5.0-rc16c Prepare the flash: either shutdown your server and plug the flash into your PC or Stop the array and perform the following actions referencing the flash share on your network: Copy the files bzimage, bzroot, and syslinux.cfg from the zip file to the root of your flash device, overwriting the same-named files already there." But I get a system error.."cant find syslinux/menu.c32" Separately I tried the unRAIDServer-6.0-beta12-x86_64, which I got up and running, but when I assigned my dirves and attempted to start the array, it keeps stwitching back to Array stopped. I have restarted using my old config and backing up some files, but is the best way to upgrade via a fresh install? or do I need to work through the menu.c32 error message? thanks